Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Motion to approve the minutes of January 30, Department of Transportation. Kolbeck/Bartels00:01:25
Motion to approve the minutes from January 28, Board of Regents, School of Deaf, Blind and Visually Impaired - White/Gross00:01:57
Motion to approve the minutes of January 17, Governor's Office of Economic Development, State Investment Council, South Dakota Retirement System - Howard/Bartels00:02:36
Motion to approve the minutes of January 22, Unified Judicial System, Office of the Attorney General, Criminal Justice Initiatives - Partridge/Bartels00:03:21
Dr. M. Gregory DeSautel, Secretary, Department of Social Services made introductions and gave the presentation. General Fund - $412,792,249, Federal Fund Expenditure Authority $623,626,921, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $9,422,746 with 1,561.3 FTE's.00:05:03
DSS Management Team Introductions00:05:34
Department of Social Services departments00:06:52
Department Missions - Page 600:07:11
2019 Calendar Year Federal Poverty Guidelines - Page 700:07:34
FY19 Budget Compared to FY20 - Page 800:08:00
Major General Fund Impacts to DSS Budget - Page 900:08:24
Title XIX History of FMAP - Page 1000:08:48
CHIP Program, Enhanced Blended Rates - Page 1100:09:07
Major General Fund Impacts - Page 1200:09:40
Senator Nesiba - keeping track of eligibles00:10:36
Senator Nesiba - any change in eligibility criteria00:11:32
Office of the Secretary - Page 1300:12:18
Laurie Mikkonen - Finance Officer - Page 1500:12:48
Representative Howard - percentage of population on SNAP, increasing or decreasing00:13:55
Representative Howard - historically what we've been seeing in programs00:14:47
Senator Cronin - percentage of how many times a person goes on and off per year00:15:50
Representative Bartels - do you have FY19 numbers, provide to staff00:16:47
Division of Economic Assistance - Page 1600:18:38
Representative Howard - provider inflationary increases00:19:15
Division of Medical Services, Bill Snyder and Brenda Tidball Zeltinger - Page 1800:20:51
Eligibles - Page 1900:22:26
Medicaid Average Monthly Eligible Totals - Page 2000:24:24
Representative Howard - had a decline, why now projecting increase00:25:33
Senator Nesiba - what is the process to make the estimate00:26:33
Senator Nesiba - what approach do you use to forecast numbers00:27:49
Senator White - what happens if eligibles exceed the budget00:29:33
Senator White - if we exceed, do we come back to special session00:30:47
Senator White - format so we are comfortable with the margin00:31:24
Representative Hunhoff - do any tracking with growth in elderly and disabled00:32:32
Representative Koth - where does this forecast fall on that scale 00:33:31
Actual Expenditures - Page 2100:34:43
Representative Gross - prescription drug changes00:35:22
Representative Hunhoff - seeing reverse, what is contributing to that00:36:51
Senator Partridge - in-patient and out-patient care difference00:37:37
Representative Howard - charges on co-pays, provide to staff00:40:02
Senator Sutton - correlation to recipients, provide to staff00:41:32
Representative Bartels - FY19 numbers, provide to staff00:41:56
Annual average cost per eligible - Page 2200:42:52
FY19 Revised - Annual Average cost per eligible - Page 2300:44:13
FY20 Medical services - Page 2400:44:46
Major Budget Increases and Decreases - Page 2500:45:25
Senator Sutton - breakdown on page 2400:46:44
Senator Nesiba - data on eligibles on spreadsheet, provide to staff00:47:14
Senator Cronin - prescription drug numbers on 21, 22 24, please explain00:48:06
Senator Cronin - annual average cost per eligible, provide to staff00:50:54
Representative Post - not factoring rebates, cannot budget for them00:51:34
Senator Partridge - FY20 numbers, what is the increase based on00:52:37
Senator Partridge - incentives to reduce the cost per eligible00:54:27
Medical Services Budget - Page 2600:56:50
Representative Howard - expand on medical services administration non-direct services00:57:43
Representative Howard - health information, more of a onetime cost, why still ongoing00:59:05
Representative Karr - eligibility requirements on CHIP program00:59:56
Representative Karr - what factors are you looking at for the 209%01:01:20
Senator Nesiba - reverting funds as a result of block grant01:02:29
Senator Nesiba - waiver granted or not to impose additional work requirement01:03:10
Senator Nesiba - how would that impact upcoming budget01:04:11
Representative Howard - what would happen if we based eligibility01:04:38
Medical Services FY19 to FY20 Budget - Page 2801:05:41
Federal Policy Implementation - Care Coordination - Page 2701:05:55
Supplemental presentation - IHS and 100% FMAP, Brenda Tidball Zeltinger - Page 101:06:14
IHS and 100% FMAP - Page 201:06:58
Care for American Indians - Page 301:08:08
Federal Policy Change - Page 401:08:37
Federal Policy Implementation - Page 5 & 601:09:28
Representative Saba - referred services paid by IHS01:11:54
Representative Saba - one example of savings01:13:03
Representative Howard - looking at shared savings, smaller providers need more01:13:23
Status of Implementation - Page 801:15:09
Federal Policy Implementation - SFY19 - Page 901:16:57
Strategy - Page 1001:17:42
Senator Partridge - amended out of federal or general funding and transferred where01:17:46
SFY20 - Page 1101:19:06
Representative Koth - adding more hospitals, how many more might there be, what kind of plan01:20:52
Representative Koth - could we mandate they sign up01:22:49
Senator White - critical access hospitals01:24:07
Representative Peterson - look at increased incentives01:24:44
SFY20 - Page 1201:25:55
Strategy - Page 1301:27:04
Senator Partridge - areas to provide more services01:30:08
Senator Partridge - is this an expansion of Medicaid01:31:59
FY20 Targeted Providers - Inflation and Rates - Page 1401:33:08
Special Appropriation - SB173 - Page 1501:35:41
Senator Partridge - what do you think the return might be01:37:00
Representative Karr - application for grant, criteria for eligibility01:38:35
Representative Gross - how do we differentiate to the next level01:40:05
Senator Partridge - special onetime appropriation for 201901:41:53
Senator Partridge - project out to FY20, amending for next year01:43:53
Senator Partridge - conservative model when looking to future01:44:42
Representative Peterson - Medicaid claim process, average turnaround time01:45:00
Representative Peterson - received some complaints from constituents, process that other departments use01:47:37
Representative Gross - referred care, what's the incentive to go thru IHS01:49:23
Representative Gross - if IHS is brought into services01:52:12
Division of Child Support - Virgena Wieseler, Brenda Tidball Zeltinger - Page 3301:54:30
Chart - Page 3401:54:53
Services - Page 3601:55:37
Chart - Page 3701:56:00
Representative Howard - Child Safety Seat Program history01:57:18
Representative Howard - cost per seat, provide to staff01:58:00
Representative Hunhoff - contract for after school services01:58:17
Representative Hunhoff - training, enhance activities, provide summary to staff01:59:16
Child Protection Services - Virgena Wieseler02:01:20
Services Provided - Page 3902:01:29
Chart - Page 4002:03:24
Senator Sutton - keep track from year to year on number of visits, provide to staff02:04:05
Representative Howard - foster care providers02:05:58
Average Monthly Paid Placements - Page 4202:07:47
Representative Howard - dollars per individual02:07:53
Representative Howard - breakdown and provide to staff02:08:46
Additional Staff Resources are necessary - Page 4302:09:07
FTE Request - Page 41 & 4202:09:12
Additional Staff Resources are Necessary - Page 4302:10:34
Senator Sutton - foster care environment, do you look for relatives02:11:30
Senator Maher - Indian Child Welfare Act 02:12:09
Senator Maher - Can state intervene02:12:57
Representative Howard - do they reimburse state for services02:13:37
Representative Howard - are we allowed by law to charge02:14:06
Representative Post - requirements of providing visits to parents02:14:26
Representative Post - take cost in to the equation02:15:30
Safety of children is the most important outcome - Page 4402:17:14
Representative Gross - trigger point for meth situations to take away parental rights02:17:18
Representative Post - comment on foster kids02:20:40
Behavioral Health - Ken Cole, Human Services Center in Yankton - Page 4702:21:20
Representative Hunhoff - part of those who had to stay02:22:48
Representative Hunhoff - involuntary admissions02:23:50
Representative Hunhoff - how many 5-day admissions are discharged within 5 days, provide to staff02:24:25
HSC Staffing - Page 4802:24:50
Budget request - Page 4902:25:57
Representative Hunhoff - are all psychiatric positions filled 02:26:50
Representative Hunhoff - are all advanced practice staff positions filled02:27:05
Representative Gross - inflation adjustment02:27:19
Representative Bartels - Wings shut down, total beds02:28:11
Representative Bartels - need more help to open other wings02:31:14
Tiffany Wolfgang, Director, Behavioral Health - Page 5102:32:08
Budget - Page 5202:32:42
Representative Hunhoff - programs for pregnant women, in or out patient, what is the follow up post delivery02:35:37
Representative Hunhoff - has there been a referral transpired02:36:14
Representative Hunhoff - voluntary or mandatory02:36:50
Representative Hunhoff - what are the two programs for intensive meth treatment02:38:31
Representative Hunhoff - how many programs apply, criteria for programs02:38:50
Representative Hunhoff - faith based program02:39:20
Community Behavior Health - Page 5302:40:27
Senator Partridge - evidence based curriculum development and deployment02:42:26
Representative Bartels - metrics or goals you can provide that we can compare, provide to staff02:44:09
Representative Hunhoff - in addition to what you have had for criminal justice02:45:42
Representative Hunhoff - how much has department received, need to justify the dollars02:46:16
Representative Howard - federal opioid response grant dollars, why no request before 02:47:33
Representative Howard - taking federal money because it's available02:48:34
Representative Howard - no opioid crisis now, why take the dollars 02:50:05
Representative Howard - on suicide prevention plan, is there a plan to replace funds02:50:45
Representative Hunhoff - who are partners in suicide prevention that are providing financial resources02:53:08
Representative Hunhoff - we are footing the bill, but no partners providing financially02:53:52
Representative Hunhoff - working with department of education with their $5 million dollar-grant02:55:29
Representative Hunhoff - different schools or are there multiple schools and the coordinators will go through different schools02:55:55
FY19 General Bill Amendments - Page 5402:59:31
Correctional Behavioral Health - Page 5503:00:17
FY19 budget - Page 5603:00:38
FY19 General Bill Amendments - Page 57 03:00:45
Informational - Page 5903:01:15
Representative Hunhoff - have we had dollars in meth prevention media campaign or is this new03:01:24
Representative Hunhoff - how did you evaluate that campaign03:02:05
Representative Hunhoff - from that did you pick up youth that had the habit and got into rehab03:02:24
Representative Howard - we are a conservative state, what is your approach to welfare programs 03:03:19
Adjourn, Partridge/Gross03:09:30

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