Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Ms. Laurie Gill, Commissioner, Bureau of Human Resources, gave the presentation. General Funds - $284,699, Federal Funds Expenditure Authority - $0, Other Funds Expenditure Authority - $6,855,381 with 73.5 FTE's00:03:58
Mission, Strategic Plan Overview - Page 200:05:22
Introduction of Directors - Page 300:06:22
BHR Workforce, FTE's - Page 400:09:04
FY20 Governor's Recommended Budget - Page 500:10:12
Representative Howard - question - next year are you increasing rate of charges00:11:37
Employee Compensation - Page 600:14:30
Ms. Ellen Zeller - Director of Classification and Compensation, Statement of Compensation Philosophy - Page 700:17:23
Market Pricing - Page 800:20:00
Market Comparison - Page 900:21:03
Representative Gross - question - comparison of charts00:22:43
Market Pricing, Illustration of a pay range, General pay structure sheet - Page 1000:23:12
Senator Wiik - question - level of education00:27:10
Representative Howard - question - equipment technician meaning00:27:28
Representative Howard - question - degree, professional00:28:00
Location in Range - Page 1100:29:16
Senator Sutton - question - give salary amount00:30:17
Representative Howard - question - particular agency in that range00:30:43
Senator Nesiba - question - who is outside of this range00:31:24
Retirement Eligible Employees - Page 1200:33:08
Senator Kolbeck - question - replace retirees, difference in pay00:33:55
Senator Kolbeck - question - private side, to bring in another person would cost more00:35:00
Representative Koth - question - forecast out what it might be in 20/2100:35:29
Representative Hunhoff - question - average age of retirees00:36:42
Representative Hunhoff - question - what percent of younger generation is retiring00:37:15
BHR Recruiting Efforts - Page 1300:38:38
Representative Gross - question - compare SD salaries00:40:02
Representative Gross - question - SD salaries higher than surrounding state governments00:42:12
Senator White - question - turnover, exit interviews, reasons for people leaving00:43:04
Representative Howard - question - are they going to private or public sector job 00:44:03
Representative Howard - question - trend on why they are leaving00:44:50
Senator Nesiba - question - don't want state government pulling or pushing wages00:47:11
Representative Hunhoff - question - HSC, what category are we short, skill set00:49:22
Representative Hunhoff - question - why can't we recruit nurses to HSC00:49:49
Representative Hunhoff - question - we don't have the sign on bonuses that the private sector does00:50:40
Representative Gross - question - turnover numbers, leave job or leave organization00:51:00
Representative Koth - question - high percentage of people moving from one department to another00:51:50
Representative Koth - question - ever considered a time commitment for employees starting out00:53:55
FY20 Salary Policy - Page 1400:55:08
Senator Nesiba - question - across the board or catch certain people up00:55:30
Representative Howard - question - in addition to inflationary increase00:55:56
Mr. Tom Steckel, Director of Employee Benefits - Page 1600:59:00
Health Plan Overview - Page 1701:01:30
Health Plan Challenges - Page 1801:02:27
Health Plan Design Changes - Page 1901:03:30
Medical Cost Trends - Page 2001:04:12
Representative Hunhoff - question - what happened in FY1701:05:01
Senator Sutton - question - increase out of pocket maximum percentage for employees01:05:23
Senator Nesiba - question - how does state communicate with them01:06:13
Prescription Cost Trends - Page 2101:07:46
Representative Hunhoff - question - prescription, diagnosis relating to new drugs01:09:04
Representative Hunhoff - question - work with companies for alternatives01:10:03
Representative Hunhoff - question - any enrollees come back to challenge why they can't get drugs01:11:17
Representative Karr - question - increase in autism, plan for taking care of those needs01:11:43
Representative Hunhoff - question - cover ABA therapy01:12:10
Senator Greenfield - question - maximum for ABA therapy01:12:17
Health Plan Enrollment - Page 2201:12:58
Health Plan Members by County - Page 2301:13:40
Total Health Plan Enrollment - Page 2401:14:07
Senator White - question - how often do we compare our plan against other plans01:14:44
Senator White - question - periodic basis comparison01:17:02
Representative Gross - question - state contribute to retirees plans01:17:30
Senator Nesiba - question - limits on autism treatment, provide to staff01:18:01
Wellness Incentives - Page 2501:19:08
Senator Greenfield - question - data on how participation has affected overall care costs01:20:31
Wellness Qualification Completions - Page 2601:21:55
Recommended FY20 Plan Changes - Pages 27 & 2801:22:43
Representative Saba - question - new ideas of what they are doing in terms of cutting costs01:24:24
Representative Hunhoff - question - predicting for increase in prescription increases and co-payment01:25:49
Ms. Mary Keeler - Accounting Manager, BFM, State Employee Health Plan Full Accrual Financial Statement - Page 2901:27:22
Representative Howard - question - had employees contribute to their plan01:31:07
Representative Howard - question - how does that compare to other programs01:31:34
Representative Bartels - question - prior year line, 2018 large contribution to the plan01:33:56
FY20 Health Plan Recommendation - Page 3001:36:35
Representative Gross - question - allowable reserve level, formula and purpose01:37:01
Representative Gross - question - who in the feds determine that01:37:37
Senator Greenfield - question - what are the other funds01:38:40
Representative Howard - question - examples, who are in the higher bands01:39:46
Senator Greenfield - question - have info on aggregate wages01:41:09
Senator Kolbeck - question - some health plans offer a family plan, coverage for spouses01:41:36
Senator Greenfield - question - median salary for all employees, info to staff01:42:08
Representative Howard - question - median private sector wages to compare, info to staff01:42:36
Senator Kolbeck - question - state plan additions on health care01:43:03
Senator Wiik - question - spouses work for state, what does the state pay01:45:47
Representative Gross - question - better to have a portion of that in salary01:46:12
Senator Wiik - question - what do you hear on agencies saying it's tough to get people to move to Pierre01:49:03
Mr. Eric Ollila, State Employee Association - Public Testimony01:52:32
Adjourn - Kolbeck/White02:02:57

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