Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2019

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Mr. Rich Naser, University of South Dakota Discovery District and Mr. Dwaine Chapel, Research Park at South Dakota State University met with the Joint Committee on Appropriations to talk about the benefits of university research. 00:02:00
State of Innovation - USD Discovery District, Ascent Innovation, and Research Park at SDSU - Page 100:02:50
Create New Opportunities for South Dakotan's - Collaborative Effort, Innovation Focused, Linking Education & Economic Development, and Place Making & Infrastructure - Page 200:03:02
Ascent Innovation Economic Impact - When Fully Developed - Page 300:04:10
Investment Partnerships - Ascent Innovation - Funding - Page 400:05:57
Ascent Innovation Timeline for Progress - Timeline - Page 500:06:30
Discovery District Current Projects - Therapeutic MFG Building and Multi-Tenant Research Building - Page 600:07:12
Representative Gross - question - what is the definition of an innovation-based business.00:09:14
Representative Saba - question - what is unique about the South Dakota Research Park compared to other states.00:10:31
Representative Saba - question - is the mission of the Research Park to help South Dakota.00:13:26
Senator Cronin - question - who owns the buildings that is on the Board of Regents research park land.00:15:40
Senator Cronin - question - is there any maintenance and repair costs to the State of South Dakota for the buildings in the research park.00:16:20
Discovery District Partner Investments - Infrastructure and Ongoing Funding - Pie Chart - Page 700:16:57
Discovery District Economic Impact - Page 800:18:39
Discovery District Use of Additional Investment - Page 900:19:20
Mr. Chapel indicated an additional $200,000 would help the Discovery District to connect university students, faculty, and resources with private companies for research collaborations, commercialization and company recruitment.00:19:22
Representative Hunhoff - question - what has the Discovery Park done to market their mission and does the average citizen in South Dakota understand the good work they are doing.00:20:23
Representative Gross - question - how do we handle private leases on public land and what are the terms of these leases.00:23:40
Research Park at South Dakota State University Location - Page 1000:25:58
Research Park at South Dakota State University Investment Partners - Investment and Ongoing - Page 1100:27:30
Research Park at South Dakota State University - Current Impact and When Fully Developed - Page 1200:28:30
Research Park at South Dakota State University - 10 Year Strategic Plan and Purpose of Additional Investment - Page 1300:30:45
South Dakota's Research Parks - Leverage South Dakota's investments in Universities and Technical Institutes, Develop and recruitment innovation focused companies creating high-wage jobs, and Disproportionately increase the property tax base and grow the grow state product - Page 1400:31:55
Representative Hunhoff - question - how important is the upgrade of the REED Network for research at all university research facilities.00:35:00
Senator Cronin - question - would you provide an update from the General Mills Oat Project and commented his district grows more oats from the South Dakota Research Park opportunity.00:36:35
Mr. Frank Kloucek, former legislature, from Scotland, SD gave public testimony for continued support for the South Dakota Research Parks.00:39:23
Adjourn Howard/White00:42:40

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