Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Meeting Called to Order00:00:00
Approval of January 16, 2020 meeting minutes. 00:01:45
Josh Haeder, Treasurer, presented the budget overview for the Office of the Treasurer as recommended by the Governor.00:03:00
Representative Saba asked for any data related to fraud mitigation. OST works with a vendor and will follow up with more information. 00:19:50
Treasurer offered to provide more specifics about the need of two FTEs in writing if asked. Representative Hunhoff asked. 00:25:39
Representative Karr asked for statistics on fraudulent claim attempts, how many have occurred, and the cost. OST will provide the information in writing from a contractor. 00:28:45
Representative Post asked for an estimate of how many more dollars will be returned to people due to additional FTEs. Treasurer will follow-up.00:41:00
Senator Sutton asked for data on the number of claims the office receives, how many are processed, and how long it takes to process the claims. Treasurer will follow-up with that specific data. 00:41:30
Ms. Shawnie Rechtenbaugh, DHS, presented the budget for the department as recommended by the governor.00:43:00
Senator Greenfield asked for a breakdown of how many of the 30 FTEs at SDDC Redfield that have been vacant for 180-365 days are being removed from the agency's deduction in 30 FTEs. DHS will give a breakdown of vacancies and how the reduction in FTEs will change the number of vacancies. 00:53:57
Representative Hunhoff asked for how much money has been used for overtime in FY 20 for SDDC Redfield. DHS will follow-up with this information.01:01:45
Representative Hunhoff asked for additional data to show how Medicaid expenditure increases for home and community-based options have been distributed demographically, especially concerning rural areas. DHS will follow-up with additional information.01:49:54
Dan Cross, Executive Director, Community Support Providers, provided public testimony. 02:11:30
Steve Watkins, CEO, LifeScape, provided public testimony.02:42:05
Eric Ollila, Executive Director, SD State Employees Organization, provided public testimony.03:33:49
Julie Kapp, Black Hills A-Team, provided public testimony. 03:40:44
Meeting Adjourned03:44:57

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