Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director & CEO, Board of Regents, presented introductory comments for the Board of Regents.00:03:15
Kevin Schieffer, President, Board of Regents, addressed the committee.00:05:10
Dr. Beran presented for the Board of Regents Central Office. 00:08:50
Sen. Partridge asked for data regarding the general trend of schools working together over the last few years. Dr. Beran will provide the how relationships between schools have increased.00:19:45
Rep. Howard asked how much of HEFF funds are used for M&R. Ms. Heather Forney, VP of Finance & Administration, Board of Regents, will provide a document that shows the usage of HEFF funds. 00:36:02
Rep. Hunhoff requested a summary of outsourced legal services. 00:44:59
Rep. Howard and VP Forney will get together to discuss HEFF funds00:55:39
Rep. Peterson asked for information about how the BOR came up with the $2,000,000 proposal for the Dakota Promise scholarship. The BOR will provide this information.00:58:24
Ms. Sheila Gestring, President, University of South Dakota, presented for the university. 01:07:55
Sen. White asked for more information on the interest rates for student loans after a student graduates. USD will provide this information.01:21:58
Rep. Howard asked if the decrease in students receiving Pell grants relates to the economy over time. USD will follow-up.01:23:15
Sen. Sutton requested more information on overtime or overload paid to existing faculty when positions are left vacant.01:24:17
Sen. Maher requested more information about what's been stored in the four USD buildings being recommended for demolition in the last 10 years.01:41:02
Dr. Mary Nettleman, Dean, Sanford School of Medicine, presented for the school.02:02:35
Rep. Hunhoff requested data about the residency program - and how many residents return to serve rural SD after their out-of-state residencies. Dr. Nettleman can get the residency status of the class. 02:09:32
Mr. Neal Fulton, Dean, USD School of Law, presented for the school.02:17:54
Dr. Marjorie A. Kaiser, Superintendent, School for the Deaf and School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, presented for the schools. 02:41:52
Ms. Claudean Hluchy, Business Officer, School for the Deaf and School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, presented budgetary changes for the schools. 02:42:00

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