Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Dr. Barry Dunn, President, South Dakota State University, presented for the university. 00:02:58
Rep. Karr asked for information related to the ongoing cost of the Teaching and Learning STEM Innovation Lab. President Dunn advised that the information is in the June agenda meeting, but that they will also provide it to staff.00:45:11
Mr. John Killefer, Dean, SDSU College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences, presented for SDSU Extension.00:49:25
Ms. Karla Trautman, Director, SDSU Extension, presented for SDSU Extension. 00:50:44
Senator Maher asked if cattle coming in from Mexico and Canada have to meet a Beef Quality Assurance Certification standard. 01:00:58
Dr. Bill Gibbons, Director and Associate Dean, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment, presented for the organization.01:13:46
Dr. José-Marie Griffith, President, Dakota State University, presented for the university.01:36:42
Rep. Howard asked what the ongoing expense will be for the DSU Cyber Incubator - the need for revenue and FTEs. DSU will provide the business plan. 02:10:00
Rep. Howard asked for the numbers related to DSU's request for more FTEs that didn't make it into the budget as recommended by the Governor. 02:11:59
Dr. Timothy Downs, Northern State University President, presented for the university.02:27:44
Rep. Karr wants to know the breakdown between Concurrent and High School Dual Credit enrollees at NSU as the numbers are combined in the BOR Fact Book, page 16. NSU will follow-up.02:52:57
Rep. Bartels asked for data related to whether students taking the e-learning classes are also taking remedial math or English classes. Do the e-learning classes prevent students from taking remedial classes.03:26:19
Dr. Laurie Nichols, President, Black Hills State University, presented for the university.03:29:08
Sen. Sutton asked for more information related to the loans that students take out and what the interest rates are on the loans - from all universities. 03:55:30
Rep. Karr asked for a worksheet to understand the numbers from the Concern: Financial Need of Students presentation slide.03:58:27
Dr. James Rankin, President, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, presented for the school.04:23:34
Rep. Hunhoff wants follow-up on the number of PhD students who have come with the funding approved by the legislature for a partnership between USD and SDSM&T for PhDs04:28:56
Dr. Paul Beran, Executive Director & CEO, Board of Regents, presented closing comments.04:42:20
Mr. Bryan Burge from Marion, SD, provided public testimony.04:47:06

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