Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Representative Karr passed the gavel to Representative Post. The meeting is called to order by Representative Post. 00:00:16
Representative Koth made a motion to approve January 27th, January 28th, and January 29th Joint Committee on Appropriation minutes which is seconded by Senator Wiik. Approved by voice vote.00:01:23
Ms. Kim Venneman, Secretary, Department of Agriculture, met with the Joint Committee on Appropriations to present the FY21 budget request based on the Governor's recommendations.00:07:47
Representative Peterson requested Secretary Venneman to give a report to GOAC what the Department of Agriculture is doing to address customer service initiatives for inspection fees. She asked how the department is going to assess this information.01:05:40
Senator Greenfield requested the State Engineer Office to document the cost of the Sheep Barn replacement at the State Fair Park in Huron. He wants to make sure the cost is appropriate.01:22:10
Representative Saba requested a list what international trade initiatives the Department of Agriculture is promoting.01:23:40
Attorney General Mr. Jason Ravnsborg, met with the Joint Committee on Appropriations to request the Office of the Attorney General FY21 budget based on the Governor's recommendations. 01:28:12
Representative Hunhoff asked what the cost of the Law Enforcement Officer Training class is and requested follow-up.01:39:46
Representative Hunhoff asked what the case load of the west river brand board investigator is.01:42:20
Representative Hunhoff requested more detailed information what the Elder Abuse case status is.02:03:22
Senator White requested a list from the Attorney General prioritizing equipment needs.02:13:47
Senator Wiik made motion to adjourn. Representative Post seconded the motion. Passed by voice vote.02:21:32

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