Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Mr. Jim Terwilliger, Secretary, Department of Revenue, presented the budget for the department as recommended by the Governor.00:02:56
Rep. Peterson asked whether it could be possible for the Business Tax Division to bill for services like BIT does to make the system more transparent and efficient. DOR will provide the breakdown of how their current system works.00:17:24
Mr. Rich Sattgast, State Auditor, presented the FY2021 budget for the Office of the State Auditor as recommended by the Governor.00:51:06
Mr. Marty Guindon, Auditor General, presented the budget for the Department of Legislative Audit as recommended by the Governor.01:32:03
Mr. Jason Handcock, Director, Legislative Research Council, presented the FY2021 budget for the Legislative Branch as recommended by the Governor.02:08:35
Rep. Hunhoff requested more information on the savings that LRC has used in the last few years.02:44:31

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