Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Mr. Kelly Hepler, Secretary, Game, Fish and Parks presented the FY2021 budget for the department as recommended by the Governor. 00:05:11
Sen Maher asked if GFP charges an access fee for school and public lands so that that money can be redistributed to the community. If there's a resource out there, maybe they should be collecting walk-in money. Mr. Hepler would be interested in going back and discussing this with the commissioner. GFP will follow-up on it. 00:37:23
Sen. Maher asked for a report that 2017 SB 130 says the department shall provide. GFP has this report and will provide it to staff. 00:42:43
Mr. Chris Petersen, Director of Administration, Game, Fish and Parks, presented the budget overview for the department.01:14:06
Mr. Tom Kirschenmann, Director Wildlife Division, Game, Fish and Parks, presented for the division.01:32:48
Mr. Scott Simpson, Parks and Recreation Division Director, presented for Game, Fish and Parks. 01:53:30
Rep. Post asked for a list of the projects that were damaged and received FEMA dollars. 02:07:04
Rep. Howard wants the list of maintenance and repair projects that have been identified and valued at $52,000,000. Simpson advised the information is available through GOAC and will provide it. 02:09:49
Rep. Karr asked for additional information on the Contractual Services listed on pg. 24 of the Budget Brief. GFP will follow-up.02:32:05

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