Senate Transportation — 2011


Vehle, Mike
Fryslie, Art
Room 423
7:45 AM
Fred Baatz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 131clarify certain provisions relating to establishing identity by applicants for certain licenses, permits, and identification cards. 
SB 177increase certain registration fees and taxes for the use of motor vehicles on the public highways. 
SB 181increase the length limitation for certain motor vehicles. 
SB 198provide for a study the issue of creating the Kadoka-Caputa Rails to Hope Trail as a state park.  

Sponsored Bills

SB 18revise certain requirements regarding a commercial driver license. 
SB 19update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and the transportation of hazardous materials. 
SB 28revise certain provisions regarding the authority of the secretary of transportation to create limited speed zones through highway work areas and to declare an emergency. 
SB 4update certain standards governing pedestrian control signals. 
SB 42revise certain provisions regarding the exemption from the motor fuel tax for bulk fuel transfers into a terminal. 
SB 5revise the maximum distance from a bridge for posting maximum vehicle weight warning signage. 

Hearing Documents

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