Senate Taxation — 2008


McNenny, Kenneth
Lintz, Jim
Room 413
7:45 AM
Fred Baatz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1169clarify certain provisions regarding the contractor's excise tax for isolated or occasional realty improvements. 
SB 66provide for the awarding of matching grants to certain fire departments and to increase the fire insurance premium tax. 
SB 110provide increased funding for the maintenance of state highways and roads by eliminating the tax differential between ethanol blends and motor fuel through an increase in the fuel excise tax rate on ethanol blends. 
SB 159allow the discretionary formula for reduced property taxation to be applied to research facilities. 
SB 191revise certain provisions concerning a sales tax exemption provided for religious, benevolent, fraternal, youth association, or charitable activities. 
SB 198exempt from sales taxation the gross receipts received by nonprofit organizations from a shooting range or trap shooting facility. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 14extend the time allowed to request a hearing or pay an audit assessment. 
SB 18revise certain dates pertaining to references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 8revise certain procedures used to assess and collect unpaid cigarette taxes. 

Hearing Documents

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