Senate Taxation — 2012


Hansen, Tom
Lederman, Dan
Room 423
10:00 AM
Fred Baatz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1197exempt air ambulance services from sales and use taxes. 
HB 1209exempt certain parts and components used in the construction of homebuilt aircraft from sales and use taxes. 
SB 1increase the excise tax on boats. 
SB 110increase the maximum occupational tax that may be imposed on transient guests for business improvement districts. 
SB 120temporarily increase the state sales and use tax and to declare an emergency. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 18revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 20allow returns and return information to be disclosed to officers, employees, and legal representatives of the Office of the Attorney General and other state agencies and departments. 

Hearing Documents

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