House Health and Human Services — 2012



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1150prohibit false advertising by limited services pregnancy centers and to provide for judicial relief. 
HB 1174provide for mandatory drug testing for certain TANF and SNAP recipients. 
HB 1175provide for certain further exemptions from certain childhood immunizations. 
HB 1191provide for an interstate compact on public health care, to establish an interstate advisory health care commission, to specify the relationship between the member states and the federal government, and to assert the right to federal funding in lieu of certain federally funded incentives. 
HB 1259provide an exception to vaccination requirements for personal beliefs. 
HB 1260repeal the authority the director of the Division of Insurance has to promulgate rules governing use of genetic information and to enact certain provisions regarding the use of genetic information. 
HB 1268require certain persons applying or receiving certain Medicaid financial aid or assistance from the state to submit to drug tests to check for use of controlled substances. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1009repeal certain provisions relating to licenses issued by the Board of Pharmacy. 
HB 1010repeal certain outdated and obsolete statutes and rules related to the Department of Health. 
HB 1026repeal certain outdated or unnecessary statutes related to the Department of Social Services. 
HB 1027repeal certain outdated or unnecessary statutes related to the Division of Behavioral Health within the Department of Social Services. 

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