Senate Commerce and Energy — 2013


Holien, Ried
Lederman, Dan
Room 423
10:00 AM
Amanda Reiss


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 73repeal certain provisions requiring wholesalers to purchase alcoholic beverages from brand owners, brand owner's agents, or other wholesalers. 
SB 77require that certain information be provided to debtors when entities are collecting certain debts. 
SB 87establish the effective date of the sales tax collection allowance for retailers. 
SB 92provide for the repair of property that has sustained damage when the materials are no longer available in the marketplace. 
SB 100establish a wine direct shipper permit and to provide for certain direct shipments of wine. 
SB 134codify the common law of rescission as applied to life insurance contracts. 
SB 141revise certain financial assurance provisions relating to mining. 
SB 211provide for additional consumer protections by requiring the attorney general to share certain information related to consumer complaint investigations on contractors. 
SB 226support Governor Mickelson's Pick-Sloan settlement framework. 
SB 242increase the number of video lottery machines that may be placed in a licensed establishment. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 12update citations and revise certain provisions regarding permits for energy facilities. 
SB 52authorize one cent credit denominations for video lottery machines, to authorize the award of one thousand dollars on a video lottery machine, and to make form and style changes to certain provisions regarding the lottery. 
SB 60revise certain definitions regarding the appraiser certification program. 
SB 61allow licensed insurance agents to act as consultants in certain circumstances. 
SB 62revise certain requirements regarding when an insurer's certificate of authority may be revoked. 
SB 63revise certain requirements for certified public accountant firms licensed in South Dakota. 
SB 64revise provisions regarding broker price opinions, comparative market analyses, and appraisals. 
SB 65revise certain exemptions from licensure by the Real Estate Commission. 
SB 66revise the style and form of certain provisions, to amend certain provisions to streamline and clarify, and to repeal certain obsolete and unnecessary provisions pertaining to the Real Estate Commission. 
SB 67revise the requirements for health maintenance organizations. 
SB 7revise certain provisions regarding the registration of a place of business with the Real Estate Commission. 

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