Senate Judiciary — 2013


Tieszen, Craig
Begalka, Tim
Room 413
7:45 AM
Reuben Bezpaletz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 97prohibit the publication of certain information pertaining to firearm possession and ownership. 
SB 108repeal certain tort liability arising out of causes of action based on seduction, abduction, and alienation of affections. 
SB 173provide that a defendant is strictly liable under criminal law for raping certain victims incapable of consenting. 
SB 177limit the authority of certain institutions of higher education to regulate the possession of guns by students on campus. 
SB 221revise certain penalties relating to the possession of marijuana. 
SB 222clarify the voting status of certain parolees and probationers. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 35allow the prosecution to appeal from certain judgments of acquittal. 
SB 36protect the identity of the person or entity supplying the intravenous injection substance for executions and to increase the penalty for a violation of those provisions. 
SB 37revise certain provisions regarding the insurance fraud prevention unit. 
SB 38increase the penalty for sexual acts between correction facility employees and juvenile detainees. 
SB 39establish a penalty for a juvenile convicted as an adult of a Class A or B felony and allow a sentence of up to life imprisonment after a sentencing hearing. 
SB 43revise certain provisions regarding the crossing of a railroad and to revise the penalty for certain railroad crossing violations by the driver of a commercial motor vehicle. 
SB 44allow disqualification of commercial driver licenses for violations of federal, state, or local texting bans while driving a commercial vehicle to comply with federal regulations and requirements. 

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