House Transportation — 2013



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1145provide that road-killed animals are in the public domain and to provide the means of possession. 
HB 1155require that the state mileage rate not differ from the current federal mileage rate by more than twenty percent. 
SB 42update references to federal regulations regarding safe transport of hazardous materials. 
SB 105revise certain provisions regarding instruction permits and restricted minor's permits to drive a motor vehicle. 
SB 107limit the number of passengers allowed in a motor vehicle operated by a holder of a restricted minor's permit. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1040authorize the Department of Revenue to provide lists of licensed boat dealers. 
HB 1041revise certain provisions regarding the purchase price of rebuilt motor vehicles and to create a motor vehicle excise tax exemption for sales tax paid on parts used in rebuilt motor vehicles and vehicles manufactured by individuals. 
HB 1042authorize manufactured home dealers to submit license fees directly to the Department of Revenue and to provide an electronic renewal notice to certain dealers. 
HB 1043authorize the Department of Revenue to establish an electronic title system for motor vehicles and to revise certain provisions regarding an electronic lien filing system. 

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