Senate Commerce and Energy — 2014


Holien, Ried
Lederman, Dan
Room 423
10:00 AM
Tom Magedanz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1257clarify certain autism spectrum disorders insurance coverage. 
SB 72require notice to judgment debtors when certain judgments are discharged. 
SB 92require nondiscriminatory pricing between malt beverage suppliers and malt beverage wholesalers. 
SB 120provide for the registration and administration of navigators under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and to declare an emergency. 
SB 136ensure available replacement parts and services for consumers of manufactured goods. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 186revise certain electronic driver license renewal requirements and to authorize electronic upgrades of restricted minor's permits. 
SB 29revise certain provisions in statute and administrative rules regarding the regulation of campgrounds and the license fee for campgrounds and to repeal administrative rules regulating primitive campgrounds, full-service campgrounds, limited service campgrounds, and temporary campgrounds. 
SB 45revise the Real Estate Commission's grounds for disciplinary actions on home inspectors. 
SB 47establish new criteria for the certification, licensure, and registration of real estate appraisers. 
SB 48require appraisal management companies to maintain a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit. 
SB 49revise certain provisions regarding private placement policies. 
SB 50authorize rule-making authority to establish record-keeping requirements for insurers and producers. 
SB 52authorize the informal settlement of insurance examinations. 
SB 78repeal certain outdated and obsolete provisions regarding the Commissioner of South Dakota. 
SB 79repeal certain outdated and obsolete provisions regarding the federal census. 

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