Senate Retirement Laws — 2014


Rampelberg, Bruce
Jensen, Phil
Room 413
Call of the Chair
Aaron Olson

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SB 152make an appropriation to provide full funding of the cement plant retirement plan, to consolidate the cement plant retirement plan with the South Dakota Retirement System, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 40allow a surviving spouse of a member of the South Dakota Retirement System to elect a reduced benefit prior to age sixty-five under certain circumstances. 
SB 41revise the definition of penitentiary correctional staff for purposes of administering the South Dakota Retirement System. 
SB 42authorize certain former state cement plant employees and surviving spouses to elect a lump sum trustee-to-trustee payment in lieu of monthly benefit payments. 
SB 43revise the calculation of disability benefits and certain benefits payable upon death of members of the South Dakota Retirement System. 

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