House Taxation — 2014



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1149lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services. 
HB 1190revise the gross receipts tax imposed on wind farms. 
HB 1205create the school district tax revenue fund and to revise the distribution of certain tax revenues to school districts. 
HB 1209provide for reimbursement of property taxes paid on certain private lands inundated by the waters of nonmeandered lakes. 
HB 1227reduce state government reliance on video lottery proceeds, to revise the distribution of video lottery proceeds, and to dedicate certain deposits and income from the education enhancement trust fund. 
HB 1242revise certain provisions concerning the township snow removal reserve fund. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1055revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
HB 1057repeal certain provisions imposing the inheritance tax and the estate tax. 
HB 1058revise certain provisions concerning the application of railroad tax credits. 

Hearing Documents

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