House Transportation — 2014



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1072provide for the titling, registration, and operation of golf carts. 
HB 1114require the removal of reflector poles along state trunk highways. 
HB 1211establish the right to have a firearm in a motor vehicle under most circumstances. 
HB 1230revise certain provisions concerning the county tax levy for highways and bridges and to permit counties to levy the existing highway and bridge reserve fund tax to make necessary road and bridge improvements. 
SB 179prohibit the use of certain handheld electronic wireless devices for electronic messaging while driving. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1036revise certain provisions regarding the billboard permitting process. 
HB 1037authorize the Transportation Commission to establish limited speed zones on nonstate trunk highways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. 
HB 1042revise the penalty for late payment of the additional original registration tax on aircraft. 
HB 1043revise and repeal certain provisions regarding the regulation of aeronautics. 
HB 1056repeal certain provisions regarding the taxation, the licensing, and the regulation of motor vehicles. 
HB 1059revise certain provisions regarding the exemption of mass transit motor vehicles from licensing and registration fees and the motor vehicle excise tax. 
HB 1060revise certain provisions regarding military speciality plates. 
HB 1061include limited liability companies in certain provisions regarding the licensing of boats and motor vehicles and certain provisions regarding the dealers and manufacturers of certain vehicles, manufactured homes, and mobile homes. 
HB 1090repeal certain outdated and obsolete provisions regarding county highways. 

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