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HB 1023permit the secretary of revenue to issue cease and desist orders and to impose a civil penalty on certain public auctions. 
HB 1116revise provisions regarding the use of perpetual care trust funds to maintain cemeteries. 
HB 1155exempt certain retirement funds from division of property in a divorce. 
HB 1170revise provisions regarding the use of certain lights by tow truck vehicles and Department of Transportation authorized vehicles. 
HB 1182provide for the renewal of an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol. 
HB 1186revise certain education programs and promote efficiency in state government and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1197require testing of moisture meters and protein-measuring devices. 
HB 1207extend the termination date for the Juvenile Justice Public Safety Oversight Council. 
HB 1238permit modification of the term of a perpetual conservation easement after the death of the grantor. 
HB 1250increase the state's percentage of video lottery revenues, to provide for the deposit of certain excess revenues, and to repeal provisions regarding video lottery. 
HB 1258provide for child safety accounts for students subject to certain safety incidents. 
HB 1259clarify provisions regarding the discretionary formula for determining the assessed value of property for tax purposes. 
HB 1260revise provisions regarding tax increment districts. 
SB 6revise certain conditions under which presumptive probation may be applied. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1021provide for judicial review of Board of Regents decisions involving student discipline and residency classification. 
HB 1023require criminal background checks of certain Board of Regents employees and volunteers. 
HB 1050revise certain enforcement actions by the insurance director. 
HB 1051revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of captive insurance companies. 
HB 1052authorize additional disclosure regarding certain insurance investigations and examinations. 
HB 1054establish consumer protection standards regarding certain insurance claim practices and to provide for certain penalties. 
HB 1082revise the conditions causing the suspension of a probationer's probationary period. 

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