Senate Judiciary — 2015


Tieszen, Craig
Novstrup, David
Room 413
7:45 AM
Roxanne Hammond


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Tabled Bills

HB 1096prohibit commercial surrogacy contracts, provide a penalty for facilitating a commercial surrogacy, and establish an interim committee to evaluate surrogacy in the state. 
HB 1116revise provisions regarding the use of perpetual care trust funds to maintain cemeteries. 
HB 1129authorize the provision of telecommunications device location information to law enforcement agencies. 
HB 1205revise provisions regarding a custodial parent relocating a minor child. 
SB 123make an appropriation for the Literacy Intervention Program and to declare an emergency. 
SB 162provide limitations on the use of lighting equipment while hunting. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 11restore the chief agent of the Division of Criminal Investigation to a former position under certain circumstances. 
SB 12allow the spouse of an active duty military person to qualify as a resident for a temporary permit to carry a concealed pistol. 
SB 13require certain persons convicted for human trafficking to register as sex offenders. 
SB 14provide for the possession and administration of opioid antagonists by first responders for the treatment of drug overdoses. 
SB 15allow for discretionary appeals of illegal sentences. 
SB 16revise certain provisions safeguarding law enforcement radio communications. 
SB 17revise the definition of motor vehicles that are subject to the lemon law. 
SB 18establish certain administrative provisions regarding charitable raffles, lotteries, and bingo and to make violations of these provisions subject to the Deceptive Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Act. 
SB 29establish provisions for auxiliary members to serve on the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 
SB 37adopt the 2008 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, to repeal the 1996 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and to revise certain provisions relating thereto. 
SB 38revise certain provisions concerning the state communications system and the South Dakota law enforcement telecommunications system. 
SB 48revise certain provisions pertaining to the operation of personal watercraft. 

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