Senate Judiciary — 2016


Tieszen, Craig
Novstrup, David
Room 413
9:30 AM
Roxanne Hammond


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Active Bills

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Tabled Bills

HB 1077establish certain requirements regarding funeral processions. 
HB 1107define style and form and authorize the code commission to make certain style and form edits to legislative acts. 
HB 1129authorize the provision of telecommunications device location information to law enforcement agencies. 
HB 1225restrict the use of funds for abortion. 
SB 77make an appropriation for certain costs related to the commissioning of the USS Pierre and to declare an emergency. 
SB 119revise certain provisions regarding private placement insurance. 
SB 123make an appropriation for the Literacy Intervention Program and to declare an emergency. 
SB 145recalculate abatement of the basic child support obligation. 
SB 157revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process. 
SB 163establish certain restrictions on the foreign ownership of agricultural land. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 19revise certain mandatory reporting requirements for elder and disabled adult abuse and neglect. 
SB 24prohibit the sale of fetal body parts and to provide a penalty therefor. 
SB 25revise certain provisions concerning forfeiture of property interests of persons convicted of certain crimes. 
SB 26revise certain provisions concerning sex offender registration and to require an offender to notify of intended foreign travel. 
SB 30provide that Department of Corrections employees are excluded from concealed weapons permit requirements when on duty and acting under the color of authority. 
SB 31revise certain provisions regarding the sentencing and supervision of prison inmates and parolees with suspended sentences. 
SB 33revise certain provisions regarding chemical testing and revocations of driver licenses for persons under the age of twenty-one. 
SB 44classify vehicular homicide as a crime of violence. 
SB 54adopt the Elder Abuse Task Force's statutory recommendations in order to protect South Dakota seniors and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. 
SB 55revise certain provisions relating to the HOPE probation program. 

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