Senate Education — 2009


Garnos, Cooper
Knudson, Dave
Room 423
7:45 AM
Clare Charlson


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1282allow counties to assign the responsibility for the redemption of bonded indebtedness of a former school district to a new school district after a reorganization. 
HB 1297restrict the use of minor adjustments to school district boundaries and to revise the application process for minor boundary changes. 
SB 87repeal the forthcoming mandate that, beginning on July 1, 2009, will require students to stay in school until age eighteen or graduation. 
SB 112require that certain student meal plans be offered at public colleges and universities. 
SB 118adopt the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children. 
SB 172prohibit any school district from transporting students who participate in the enrollment options program beyond the boundaries of that school district. 
SB 189revise certain provisions relating to payments to teachers obtaining certain national board certification. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 34revise certain provisions regarding the South Dakota Board of Education's role if a school district fails to develop a reorganization plan. 
SB 38require school districts to keep contiguous boundaries when reorganizing. 
SB 39make an appropriation to the Department of Education to reimburse certain school districts for consolidation incentives and to declare an emergency. 

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