Senate Health and Human Services — 2009


Adelstein, Stanford
Hansen, Tom
Room 412
7:45 AM
Jacquelyn Storm


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 92require the physical presence of any physician scheduled to perform an abortion at the site of the abortion procedure on the day prior to the abortion procedure. 
SB 97encourage the Department of Health to include online training programs for courses required of food service managers. 
SB 125revise certain provisions of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. 
SB 134provide health insurance coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices. 
SB 150establish a presumption regarding occupational disease disabilities of certain firefighters. 
SB 177adopt the South Dakota Indian Child Welfare Act. 
SB 193expand medicaid eligibility for pregnant women upon certain conditions and to provide an appropriation therefor. 
SB 198require notice if certain immunizations contain more than trace amounts of mercury. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 109revise the provisions for the risk pool to allow uninsurable children to enroll and to provide for additional funding. 
SB 15revise certain provisions regarding the confidentiality and release of certain child abuse or neglect information. 
SB 19revise the grounds for which continuation or conversion is not required for certain group health policies. 
SB 20revise the lifetime benefit maximum for the health insurance risk pool. 
SB 35revise the definition of an assisted living center. 
SB 45provide an exception to the practice of seclusion as it pertains to the treatment of a person with a developmental disability. 
SB 46change the name of adjustment training center to community support provider. 

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