Senate Health and Human Services — 2009


Adelstein, Stanford
Hansen, Tom
Room 412
7:45 AM
Jacquelyn Storm


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Active Bills

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Tabled Bills

SB 92to provide for the repurposing of STAR Academy. 
SB 97title vehicles older than thirty years with no existing record. 
SB 125revise provisions regarding the exemption from taxation of certain substances used for agricultural purposes. 
SB 134accommodate legislation enhancing education. 
SB 150revise nonresident waterfowl licensure. 
SB 177cap increases in the rates of tuition for certain institutions. 
SB 193revise Senate Bill 38, An Act to revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2020, as previously enacted by the Ninety-fifth Session of the South Dakota Legislature. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 109revise the provisions for the risk pool to allow uninsurable children to enroll and to provide for additional funding. 
SB 15revise certain provisions regarding the confidentiality and release of certain child abuse or neglect information. 
SB 19revise the grounds for which continuation or conversion is not required for certain group health policies. 
SB 20revise the lifetime benefit maximum for the health insurance risk pool. 
SB 35revise the definition of an assisted living center. 
SB 45provide an exception to the practice of seclusion as it pertains to the treatment of a person with a developmental disability. 
SB 46change the name of adjustment training center to community support provider. 

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