Senate Local Government — 2019


Jensen, Phil
DiSanto, Lynne
Room 412
7:45 AM
Emily Kerr


Active Bills

HB 1128revise provisions regarding the maximum term of promissory notes issued to municipalities. 
HB 1198define activities that constitute human trafficking. 
HB 1200require the posting of contact information for persons serving on a board of township supervisors. 
HB 1215revise provisions regarding the posting of county and municipality ordinances. 
HB 1216increase certain civil penalties for fleeing from police. 
SB 66remove the right of an annexing municipality to acquire service territory of an electric utility. 
SB 187provide for the ownership and operation of electric bicycles. 

Tabled Bills

SB 162require that local government bond elections be held in conjunction with the primary or general election in even-numbered years. 
SB 170revise certain provisions regarding local referendums. 

Sponsored Bills

No Sponsored Bills

Hearing Documents

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