House Health and Human Services — 2009



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1127provide safe legal access to medical marijuana for certain qualified persons. 
HB 1179provide for the practice and regulation of licensed midwives. 
HB 1204provide for the partial replacement of nursing home facilities under certain circumstances. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1032revise the definition of an accredited prevention or treatment facility for the purposes of the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. 
HB 1033make an appropriation for the construction of an addition to the admissions area of the George S. Mickelson Center for the Neurosciences at the Human Services Center. 
HB 1041provide physicians with a limited permit to practice medicine within a residency program and to revise certain provisions regarding the Board of Examiners authority to administer resident certificates and resident training permits. 
HB 1042permit an extension to the required examination time period allowed for certain medical licensing examinations. 

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