Senate Judiciary — 2020


Russell, Lance
Rusch, Arthur
Room 413
7:45 AM
Wenzel Cummings


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1133provide a rebuttable presumption in favor of joint physical custody of a minor child. 
SB 7revise the eligibility for presumptive probation. 
SB 51authorize the possession of a concealed pistol by employees in county courthouses. 
SB 64prohibit capital punishment for any person suffering from a severe mental illness. 
SB 82provide for a risk protection order authorizing the seizure of firearms and ammunition. 
SB 114require an incentive program to provide diversion opportunities for certain substance abuse offenses. 
SB 115revise the penalty for the ingestion of certain controlled substances. 
SB 121revise parenting guidelines and repeal Supreme Court authority to promulgate guidelines. 
SB 126provide civil remedies for certain construction permits issued by the Public Utilities Commission. 
SB 138amend parole provisions regarding life sentences. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 25establish certain requirements to maintain state compliance with the Master Settlement Agreement. 
SB 26increase the assessment of liquidated court costs and to revise the disposition of the funds collected. 
SB 27establish a missing persons clearinghouse. 
SB 44authorize the use of crime victims' compensation funds to reimburse law enforcement for certain emergency expenses incurred for victims. 
SB 47revise certain provisions regarding sex offender registration statutes. 
SB 6revise certain conditions under which presumptive probation may be applied. 
SB 7revise the eligibility for presumptive probation. 

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