House Local Government — 2009



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1109eliminate the offices of county and township constables. 
HB 1135authorize the posting on the internet by the state, municipalities, counties, and school districts in addition to or in lieu of certain publication requirements. 
HB 1151allow citizens without free access to a local library to borrow books directly from any library in the state. 
HB 1164exempt certain trees from requirements related to the removal of vegetation and debris from township road rights-of-way. 
HB 1169revise the certain provisions concerning the regulatory planning and zoning powers of municipalities. 
HB 1189revise certain provisions regarding the notice of meetings of public bodies. 
HB 1196require the consent of the governing bodies of certain local governments before creating tax incremental districts. 
HB 1232decrease publication costs for certain notices by reducing the number of required official newspapers that shall be designated by the counties. 
HB 1244revise voter qualifications in certain rural fire protection district elections. 
HB 1277permit municipalities and counties to assess surcharges against intoxicated persons responsible for certain expenditures of local resources. 
HB 1296authorize the use of tribal identification cards as the equivalent of certain state-issued documents for identification purposes. 
SB 169revise certain provisions relating to wind easements. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1019revise certain provisions and procedures regarding elections. 

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