Senate Taxation — 2010


Hansen, Tom
Fryslie, Art
Room 412
10:00 AM
Fred Baatz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 77provide for certain sales and use tax refunds regarding certain storage facilities. 
SB 128allow certain taxing districts to exceed the maximum property tax levy as the median level of assessment is adjusted. 
SB 129revise the taxable percentage of property for nonagricultural and owner-occupied property classifications. 
SB 153equalize certain maximum general fund levies for school districts. 
SB 171create an additional classification of real property and provide for its assessment and to revise certain provisions concerning the taxation of such property. 
SB 181temporarily increase the state sales and use tax to fund the state budget shortfall and to declare an emergency. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 28provide relief from liability from a sales and use tax rate change in certain circumstances. 
SB 29revise the exemption of direct mail postage and to define direct mail for certain tax purposes. 
SB 30revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of tax refunds for the construction of agricultural processing or new business facilities. 
SB 31update certain provisions regarding the reimbursable expense exemption from the sales and service tax allowed licensed accountants. 
SB 33revise certain provisions relating to delinquent tax accounts. 

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