House State Affairs — 2010



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1098require state agencies to conduct a public hearing before acquiring certain real property. 
HB 1106limit the fee that may be charged for inmate labor used in response to emergency and disaster situations. 
HB 1116limit certain outside employment and compensation by presidents and executive officers of state institutions of higher education. 
HB 1141provide for legislative redistricting based on single-member house districts. 
HB 1142prohibit campaign contributions to candidates for the Public Utilities Commission by certain persons or entities associated with regulated entities. 
HB 1157provide for the public release of certain subscription and licensee lists by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
HB 1186prohibit certain regulated entities from providing financial support for events involving the Public Utilities Commission. 
HB 1194revise certain provisions concerning wind easements and to specify certain information to be included in the recorded documents. 
HB 1199provide for the temporary curtailment of out-of-state legislative travel. 
HB 1200provide for a temporary decrease in legislative salaries. 
HB 1205prohibit and penalize certain alien employment. 
HB 1207revise certain campaign finance requirements. 
HB 1208provide for legislative representation on the Game, Fish and Parks Commission. 
HB 1213allow artisan distillers and farm wineries to sell certain distilled spirits to wholesalers and retailers. 
HB 1218provide for the election of the secretary of agriculture. 
HB 1220provide for legislative redistricting by a bipartisan, nonlegislative commission. 
HB 1233provide for a temporary reduction of the salaries of legislators and certain state officers and employees and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1242require that certain land acquisitions by the State of South Dakota be conditioned upon subsequent legislative approval. 
HB 1268establish certain requirements and safeguards relating to wind easements and wind energy leases. 
HB 1276create a task force to study the functioning of the Office of Tribal Government Relations. 
HB 1277provide for a process of obtaining certain information from online content providers in slander and libel actions. 
HB 1278provide for a process of obtaining certain information from online content providers in slander and libel actions. 
SB 76revise the composition of the State Veterans' Commission. 
SB 126permit flexible staffing for local government public safety answering points. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1011revise certain provisions related to high-performance green building standards. 
HB 1012revise certain provisions regarding the appointment of members to the Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission. 
HB 1016revise certain provisions regarding 911 emergency services. 
HB 1036create a licensing category for the owners of property where licensed gaming is conducted in the city of Deadwood. 
HB 1046revise certain provisions for the procurement of goods and services for governmental agencies. 
HB 1049revise the qualifications for the director of the Division of Veterans Affairs. 
HB 1055revise certain provisions regarding the appointment of members to the Game, Fish and Parks Commission. 
HB 1059authorize the State Investment Council to discuss in executive session certain information exempt from public disclosure. 
HB 1061revise certain provisions regarding organization and operation of the public entity pool for liability. 

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