House Transportation — 2010



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1140prohibit the use of certain photo radar speed detection systems and of certain photo monitoring devices to detect red light violations. 
HB 1153repeal the requirement that a railroad obtain authority from the Governor or the Transportation Commission before the railroad may exercise the power of eminent domain. 
HB 1182prohibit certain employment practices. 
HB 1195provide for certain overweight permits during the time of seasonal vehicle weight restrictions. 
HB 1262adjust certain registration fees for the use of motor vehicles on the public highways. 
HB 1271revise certain provisions regarding the information displayed on a noncommercial motor vehicle license plate. 
HB 1273restrict certain state purchases of gasoline to ethanol blends. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1033permit and regulate the blending of natural gasoline and ethyl alcohol and to provide for an ethanol broker license. 
HB 1034authorize the collection of a mailing fee if plates or decals are mailed to certain dealers, motor carrier applicants, and boat owners. 
HB 1035revise certain provisions regarding boat license decals and boat numbering. 
HB 1042increase certain billboard permit fees. 

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