House Judiciary — 2010



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1019revise certain provisions regarding the requirements for notarizing documents. 
HB 1068revise the limitation on damages for medical malpractice actions. 
HB 1111revise the penalty for first degree manslaughter. 
HB 1112provide for the timely disposition of certain untried complaints, indictments, and informations upon request of the affected inmates. 
HB 1154require written incident notice from law enforcement to a juvenile's school under certain circumstances. 
HB 1159permit permanent residents of the United States to be employed or certified as law enforcement officers. 
HB 1229adopt the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act. 
HB 1250provide that ordinances or amendments may not have a retrospective application. 
HB 1256revise certain provisions regarding the enforcement of the requirement to wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1019revise certain provisions regarding the requirements for notarizing documents. 
HB 1047clarify certain powers of the state as conservator of a protected person. 
HB 1062provide for certain mandatory training for county coroners. 
HB 1063repeal the responsibility of the attorney general to fix certain liability insurance limits for sheriffs. 
HB 1064establish a process for persons exposed to certain blood-borne infections to require testing for blood-borne pathogens and to provide for the confidentiality of the source individual. 
HB 1065establish quarterly escrow payments by nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers. 
HB 1073clarify certain provisions relating to a court's continuing jurisdiction to revoke probation or a suspended execution of sentence. 
HB 1074allow copies of juvenile files to be provided to certain named parties or by court order rather than limiting use to inspection of the file only. 
HB 1075revise certain provisions relating to credit against unpaid fines and costs for time served and to disallow credit for time served against unpaid victim restitution. 
HB 1076repeal certain statutes related to the testimony of sex offense victims and to evidence of a victim's prior sexual conduct in coordination with the adoption of certain evidentiary rules by the Supreme Court. 
HB 1077enact a procedure for delayed appeal if the petitioner was unconstitutionally denied the right of appeal. 
HB 1078revise certain provisions regarding court records inspection and copying. 
HB 1079revise certain provisions relating to the issuance of a new birth certificate in certain adoptions. 
HB 1080correct the omission of a reference to fifth-offense DUI for habitual offender cases and to remove certain outdated language. 
HB 1081revise certain court automation surcharges and to declare an emergency. 

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