House Agriculture and Natural Resources — 2010



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1066provide for the issuance of landowner-sponsored big game hunting licenses. 
HB 1067restrict the entry of conservation officers onto certain private land without permission. 
HB 1114broaden the policy review committee for animal damage control. 
HB 1115provide for annual audits of the state predatory animal control fund. 
HB 1121require a permit and fee for public access on certain school and public lands and to establish a penalty. 
HB 1139clarify the application of common law civil trespass on agricultural land and to provide for the recovery of liquidated damages against trespassers. 
HB 1145limit certain requirements associated with animal identification systems. 
HB 1146provide for the regulation of certain commercial dog breeding operations. 
HB 1170authorize the issuance of certain lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. 
HB 1269require the installation of ethanol blender pumps in certain state-operated fueling facilities and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1274repeal certain restrictions relating to the location of apiaries. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1013authorize the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to accept certain documents submitted with electronic signatures. 
HB 1014define trophy and nontrophy antelope, mule deer, white-tailed deer, and elk, and establish civil damages for the unlawful taking of trophy animals. 
HB 1015repeal the imposition of the five dollar surcharge on mentored youth big game hunting licenses. 
HB 1057revise and update certain provisions relating to dairy production and inspection. 
HB 1058restructure the South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission. 

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