Senate State Affairs — 2011


Rhoden, Larry
Olson, Russell
Room 414
10:00 AM
Dave Ortbahn


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1108revise certain provisions with regard to the rights of industrial and construction equipment dealers. 
HB 1113affect medical services. 
HB 1147revise the taxation of rural electric companies with respect to receipts collected for compliance with certain environmental laws. 
HB 1243revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district. 
SB 56revise the qualifications of a county veterans' service officer. 
SB 79provide for the application of LEAN techniques to certain state government processes and to provide for prioritization and oversight of the lean government program. 
SB 82revise certain provisions regarding the general fund levies of school districts. 
SB 107require the state to provide the public with access to an electronic database containing certain information on any loans, grants, or tax rebates provided by the state for the purpose of economic development. 
SB 134reduce state regulations. 
SB 135reduce the spending of general funds. 
SB 138enact the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote. 
SB 150provide for entertainment for the good of South Dakota. 
SB 160repeal exemptions from sales and use taxes for certain security and commodity brokers. 
SB 162provide for legislative redistricting by a bipartisan, nonlegislative commission and to declare an emergency. 
SB 166repeal certain sales tax exemptions relating to agricultural machinery parts, repairs, and maintenance. 
SB 170amend the South Dakota Uniform Securities Act with certain provisions relating to fraud and civil liability. 
SB 174temporarily increase the state sales and use tax to fund the state budget shortfall and to declare an emergency. 
SB 183provide for the application of LEAN techniques to certain state agencies and to repeal the legislative review of state agencies. 
SB 201restrict the application of certain foreign laws, legal codes, and system with respect to state legal proceedings. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 196modify the ethanol production incentive payment, to create the ethanol infrastructure incentive fund, to appropriate money to encourage the use of ethanol, and to make transfers into the ethanol infrastructure incentive fund and the revolving economic development and initiative fund. 
SB 53revise certain provisions relating to the Veterans Commission and to veterans' rights, benefits, and services. 
SB 6provide for the transfer of the state's interests in the Sisseton National Guard Armory to the city of Sisseton. 
SB 7authorize the Bureau of Administration to construct a maintenance shop in Pierre, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 

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