Senate State Affairs — 2018


Ewing, Bob
Netherton, Jenna
Room 414
10:00 AM
Fred Baatz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1176revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance disclosure reports. 
HB 1200revise certain on-sale full-service restaurant alcoholic beverage license provisions and to authorize municipalities and counties to lease on-sale full-service restaurant alcoholic beverage licenses. 
HJR 1001Proposing and submitting to the voters an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, removing the Legislature's authority to set legislator salaries for a regular legislative session. 
SB 1revise certain provisions regarding tax deed procurement. 
SB 5establish a tax refund program for certain workforce housing projects. 
SB 85require the Legislature to use the rules of procedure as adopted by the preceding session of the Legislature. 
SB 102revise certain provisions defining gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials. 
SB 116provide for certain voting and attendance information to be made available by the director of the Legislative Research Council. 
SB 129revise certain limitations and penalties concerning campaign contributions. 
SB 143authorize any contributing member of the state retirement plan to be a participating member of the state health plan. 
SB 177require an annual increase in certain state employee pay by an increase in the consumer price index. 
SB 200prohibit certain actions by the state regarding refugee resettlement. 
SB 202require posting of certain notice on certain public restrooms. 
SCR 5Recognizing the tribal council of the Oglala Sioux Tribe in its petition to the Legislature for redress of grievances pursuant to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article VI  
SJR 4Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election a new section to Article XII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the creation and administration of a trust fund with the net receipts from certain unclaimed property. 
SJR 5Proposing and submitting to the voters an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota regarding the maximum annual change in general fund appropriations. 
SJR 6to provide for the appointment process for the secretary of the Department of Tribal Relations. 
SJR 7Rescinding House Joint Resolution 1001, adopted by the Ninetieth Legislature of the State of South Dakota. 
SR 4Affirming South Dakota's state and federal elected officials to uphold their sworn duty by taking all legal actions available to combat illegal immigration and the trafficking of illegal aliens within our state. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 20enact the State and Province Emergency Management Assistance Memorandum of Understanding. 
SB 43revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of limited gaming in Deadwood, South Dakota. 
SB 44establish a license for certain gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors and to establish a license fee. 

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