Senate State Affairs — 2020


Ewing, Bob
Klumb, Joshua
Room 414
10:00 AM
Clare Charlson


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1001repeal certain provisions regarding the organization of the Legislature. 
HB 1003repeal certain provisions regarding legislative employees. 
HB 1004provide for the defense of laws by the Legislature. 
HB 1050provide for voter registration through an online voter registration system provided by the Office of the Secretary of State. 
HCR 6006Requesting the members of South Dakota's congressional delegation to annually appear before a joint session of the Legislature to provide information and answer questions. 
SB 3revise certain provisions regarding documents of the Legislature. 
SB 100regulate certain portable recording systems worn by law enforcement officers. 
SB 102provide certain procedures regarding the effect of initiated measures and amendments. 
SB 105accommodate legislation enhancing education. 
SB 106accommodate legislation enhancing health care. 
SB 107accommodate legislation enhancing basic government services in the state. 
SB 112repeal certain provisions regarding initiated measures. 
SB 141designate the Bobolink as the official songbird of South Dakota. 
SB 159provide that Native American populations be protected in the legislative redistricting process. 
SB 175accommodate legislation related to meetings and records of rural electric cooperatives. 
SCR 602To invite responsible gun owners from Virginia to relocate to South Dakota. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 157revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process. 
SB 186revise certain leave policies for state employees. 
SB 39establish the Jobs for South Dakota's Graduates program and the special donation fund. 
SB 45transfer the functions of the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority to the South Dakota Economic Development Finance Authority and the South Dakota Board of Economic Development and to abolish the South Dakota Value Added Finance Authority. 

Hearing Documents

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