Senate State Affairs — 2008


Dempster, Thomas
Gray, Bob
Room 412
7:45 AM
Dave Ortbahn


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1266require standards for the exercise of delegated legislative authority. 
SB 61increase the tax on alcoholic beverages, to dedicate the revenue from such tax increase, to create the South Dakota Teen Court Commission, and to create the South Dakota Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts. 
SB 71establish a rural community-based energy development program. 
SB 75establish a residential geothermal heat pump grant program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 90provide for voluntary limitations on campaign spending for legislative office. 
SB 91establish design and construction standards for newly constructed or renovated state buildings, public school facilities, and higher education facilities. 
SB 118establish a wind energy incentive payment program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 120require that certain bond sales be competitive. 
SB 121revise the definition of trans-state transmission facility. 
SB 135require that all statutorily mandated reports to the Legislature be provided in electronic form. 
SB 168provide for the development and financing of certain wind energy projects by school districts. 
SB 178provide for incentives for the development of certain power production facilities utilizing renewable resources. 
SCR 3requesting all state agencies and all local governments which subsidize new business development in the state to require certain benefitting businesses to pay a living wage and to provide adequate health benefits to its employees. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 148provide for a tax incentive for fuel blended with biodiesel. 
SB 188establish high performance building design and construction standards for newly constructed or renovated state-owned buildings. 
SB 19revise certain provisions regarding the duties of the executive director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority. 
SB 4revise certain provisions concerning campaign finance reporting requirements and to establish certain penalties. 
SB 40establish certain requirements regarding the separation and protection of a gas and electric public utility's assets. 
SB 5revise the requirement that the South Dakota Conservancy District pay interest on its bonds semiannually and to revise certain provisions regarding the district's authority to issue fixed or variable rate bonds. 
SB 53revise certain provisions related to capital punishment. 
SB 54revise certain provisions regarding the duties and reporting requirements for the South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority. 
SB 59revise certain provisions regarding the South Dakota opportunity scholarship program. 
SB 9provide for the disposal of state surplus property. 

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