House Judiciary — 2009



Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

HB 1003clarify the application of common law trespass and to provide for the recovery of damages against trespassers. 
HB 1102prohibit certain contractual provisions that restrict legal actions to locations outside the state. 
HB 1128allow a medical necessity to be used as a defense in certain cases involving the possession or use of marijuana. 
HB 1144revise certain provisions relating to the joint and several liability of a husband and wife for necessities. 
HB 1146prohibit the torture of animals and to provide certain penalties therefor. 
HB 1147extend civil immunity to licensed veterinarians in certain circumstances. 
HB 1162provide for joinder of judgment creditors as third parties in certain foreclosure actions. 
HB 1208establish certain presumptions concerning the results of blood, breath, and urine tests administered in connection with driving under the influence arrests. 
HB 1220provide an affirmative defense regarding a violation involving an unchanging traffic-control device. 
HB 1221increase the monthly benefit for child dependants of workers who are killed on the job. 
HB 1245provide certain protections to governmental employees who report certain violations or suspected violations of law. 
SB 71broaden the application of the public indecency and indecent exposure statutes. 
SB 79provide for the primary enforcement of seat belt laws and to define passenger buses. 
SB 178limit the amount that may be claimed in liens. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1015revise certain provisions regarding inmate appeal of prison disciplinary actions. 
HB 1016revise the applicability of the rules of evidence to proceedings before the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 
HB 1017revise certain provisions regarding the escape from a nonsecure facility. 
HB 1021provide for a contested case hearing on the denial of a claim for the recovery of an allegedly overpaid tax, penalty, or interest. 
HB 1022make certain members of limited liability companies and partners of partnerships personally responsible for certain tax debts. 
HB 1035require the Secretary of State to redact certain numbers before furnishing copies of information. 
HB 1036require the redaction of certain numbers before furnishing copies of information. 
HB 1066revise certain responsibilities of the Supreme Court regarding the Commission on Judicial Qualifications. 
HB 1079revise certain provisions regarding the sex offender registry. 
HB 1080revise certain provisions relating to internet and mail order sales of cigarettes and tobacco products. 
HB 1084permit the appointment of a special advocate to represent the best interests of an apparent or alleged abused or neglected child. 
HB 1085revise certain provisions concerning magistrate judge jurisdiction. 
HB 1086provide for and to require the attachment of an affidavit in certain garnishment proceedings. 
HB 1087revise certain provisions concerning the number of peremptory challenges in cases involving very high felonies. 
HB 1088provide for the continuance of certain ex parte temporary protection orders. 
HB 1089provide the court with discretion in ordering certain hearings on protection order petitions. 

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