Senate Judiciary — 2008


Abdallah, Gene
Knudson, Dave
Room 413
10:00 AM
Reuben Bezpaletz


Active Bills

No Active Bills

Tabled Bills

SB 62revise certain new hire reporting requirements relating to the collection of child support. 
SB 86prohibit and establish a penalty for hazing. 
SB 104excuse certain elderly persons from jury duty upon request. 
SB 105provide state comity for the orders and judgments of tribal courts. 
SB 137identify medical expenses recoverable in personal injury actions. 
SB 141prohibit certain acts of sexual penetration and contact between high school employees and students and to provide penalties therefor. 
SB 144to prohibit age misrepresentation with intent to solicit a minor and to provide a penalty therefor. 
SB 160require the Unified Judicial System to provide internet access to certain criminal history information. 

Sponsored Bills

No Sponsored Bills

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