Issue Memos/White Papers

Persons accessing these issue memoranda are hereby advised that the memoranda were both pertinent and accurate as of the date they were issued. Conditions may change in the intervening time period to the extent that certain memoranda are no longer applicable to current situations.
2019-03Sales Tax Reduction From Remote Sales 
2019-02Federal Grant Funds Received By The State 
2019-01Traumatic Brain Injuries 
2018-11Driving Exam Language Offerings 
2018-10Electronic Cigarette Regulation 
2018-09Unclaimed Property 
2018-08Tax Exempt Property 
2018-07Comparison Of The Neighboring State Tax Systems 
2018-06Workers' Compensation 
2018-05Religious Organization Tax Exemptions 
2018-04State Brand Board 
2018-03The Administrative Rules Promulgation Process: A Primer 
2018-02The Federal Every Student Succeeds Act And How It Differs From No Child Left Behind 
2018-01Wind Energy Development 
2017-08Tax Increment Financing 
2017-07Cigarette & Tobacco Taxation 
2017-06Alcohol Regulations 
2017-05Early Childhood Education 
2017-04Cooperative Extension Service 
2017-03Refugee Resettlement 
2017-02Initiatives And Referenda 
2017-01Regional Comparison Of Post-Secondary Tuition And Fees 
2016-04Civil Forfeiture 
2016-03Partition Fencing 
2016-02Property Taxation - A Modern History 
2016-01Legislative Compensation 
2015-01Property Taxation 
2014-05State Health Plan 
2014-04Liquidated Costs And Surcharges Collected By The Unified Judicial System 
2014-03Regental Scholarship Programs 
2014-02Basics Behind The Poverty Level 
2014-01Petroleum Release Compensation Fund And Tank Inspection Fee 
2013-01Five Major Funds 
2012-04History Of The State-Tribal Relations Committee 
2012-03Sales Tax Collection Allowance 
2012-02Older Drivers, Teen Drivers, And Distracted Driving 
2012-01Telecommunication Traffic Pumping 
2010-04Wind Energy Development In South Dakota 
2010-03South Dakota's Compliance With The Real Id Act 
2010-02South Dakota Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs 
2010-01Highway Needs And Highway Revenues 
2007-02The Federal Student Loan Program 
2007-01Issues Surrounding Methamphetamine Use 
2006-03Review Of South Dakota Railroads 
2006-02An Unscientific Inquiry Into The Causes Of Dropping Out Of School 
2006-01Competition Between Government And Private Enterprise 
2005-02Economic Development In South Dakota Incentives For Growth And Advancement 
2005-01Clawback Provision Of The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement And Modernization Act Of 2003 
2004-04Conservation Easements 
2004-039-1-1 System 
2004-02Medicaid--A Study Focusing On Cost Containment, Demographics And Comparison With The Systems In Other States 
2004-01Liquidated Costs And Surcharge Collected By The Unified Judicial System 
2003-04The Roles Of Innovation And Venture Capital In Economic Development 
2003-03Sales Tax On Food 
2003-02The Regulation Of Vehicle, Implement, And Equipment Dealer Franchises And Dealer Agreements 
2003-01Consumer-Directed Health Care 
2002-03Alternative Lending And Legislative Policy 
2002-02Five Major Funds 
2002-01Education Regulation 
2001-03Alcoholic Beverage Licensing And Taxing Provisions 
2001-02Juvenile Delinquency Prevention 
2001-01Standardized Testing In Education 
2000-08Wind Energy 
2000-07The Use Tax And The Implications Of The Use Tax On Business Operations 
2000-06Issues Related To The Establishment Of Nursing Homes On Indian Reservations 
2000-05Alcoholic Beverage Licensing And Taxing Provisions 
2000-04Financial Responsibility And Uninsured Motorists 
2000-03A Review Of The State's Bonding Practices 
2000-02South Dakota's Visitation Enforcement Task Force 
2000-01Basics Behind The Poverty Level 
1999-22Legislative Intent And The Impact Of Technology 
1999-21Inhalant Abuse 
1999-20The Cost Of The Death Penalty 
1999-19Average Daily Membership In The State Aid To Education Formula 
1999-18Pesticide Registration Fee 
1999-17Eminent Domain, Railroads, And Legislative Policy: The South Dakota Experience 
1999-16Eminent Domain: A Legal Introduction 
1999-15Federal Dwi Funding--Penalties And Incentives 
1999-14The Missouri River Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Bill--1999 
1999-13Safety Inspections Of Larger Motor Vehicles 
1999-12The Petroleum Release Compensation And Tank Inspection Fee 
1999-11Mandated Benefits 
1999-10Chip: An Introduction 
1999-09Restrictions On The Driving Privileges Of The Elderly 
1999-08A Review Of Livestock Packer Legislation--1999 
1999-07An Update On Performance Budgeting In South Dakota Government 
1999-06Tax-Exempt Property In South Dakota 
1999-05Taxation Of Electronic Commerce And Mail Order Sales 
1999-04Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility 
1999-03The South Dakota Army National Guard 
1999-02A Review Of The Use Of The Future Fund For The Mickelson Scholars Program And Discussion Of Merit-Based Scholarships 
1999-01A Primer On The 1998 Tobacco Settlement 
1998-24Subsequent Injury Fund 
1998-23Welfare Reform Revisited 
1998-22Referred Law 2: An Act To Transfer The Unclaimed Property Office From The State Treasurer's Office To The Secretary Of Revenue 
1998-20Constitutional Amendment H: Constitutional Amendment Relating To The Age Qualifications For Legislative Office, Governor And Lieutenant Governor 
1998-19Constitutional Amendment G: Constitutional Amendment Permitting The Investment Of The Permanent School Funds In Certain Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, And Other Financial Investments 
1998-18Constitutional Amendment F: Constitutional Amendment Relating To Classification Of Property For Purposes Of School Taxation 
1998-17Constitutional Amendment E: Initiated Constitutional Amendment Relating To Corporate Farming 
1998-16Constitutional Amendment D: Constitutional Amendment Authorizing Local Initiatives To Provide For The Cooperation And Organization Of Local Government 
1998-15Constitutional Amendment C: Constitutional Amendment Relating To Legislative Conflicts Of Interest 
1998-14Constitutional Amendment B: Constitutional Amendment Relating To The Authority Of A Special Interim Legislative Committee To Approve The Transfer Of Appropriated Funds 
1998-13Constitutional Amendment A: Initiated Constitutional Amendment To Prohibit Property Taxes For School Funding 
1998-12Comparison Of Single-Member And Multiple-Member House Districts 
1998-11Vacancies, Qualifications, And Conflicts Of Interest 
1998-10Initiative And Referendum 
1998-09An Overview Of Constitutional Provisions Relating To The Legislature But Located Outside Of Article Iii 
1998-08Constitutional Revision Commission--Activities Regarding The Legislative Article 
1998-07Successful Amendments To The Legislative Article 
1998-06Transfer Of Appropriations 
1998-05Biennal Budgeting 
1998-04The Role Of The Lieutenant Governor 
1998-03Bicameral Vs. Unicameral Legislatures 
1998-02State Legislator Compensation 
1998-01A Summary Analysis Of Article Iii Of The South Dakota Constitution 
1997-27Corrections Costs: Issues And Difficulties 
1997-26Revenue Sources For Highway Needs 
1997-25Highway Needs 
1997-24Congregate Housing--Health Care Related And Exempt From Taxation 
1997-23Scarlet Letter Laws 
1997-22Informational Budgets 
1997-21Medical Savings Accounts And Other Medicaid Funding Concepts 
1997-20A Review Of Legislative Studies Of Higher Education 
1997-19A Discussion Of Legislating By Letter Of Intent 
1997-18South Dakota's Economic Development Loan Fund--Ten Years Later 
1997-17Medicaid Managed Care 
1997-16Blizzards, Floods And Fema 
1997-15Open Enrollment 
1997-14Lay Midwifery: A Reasonable Alternative? 
1997-13A History Of Special Appropriations 
1997-12Public Employee Retirement Issues 
1997-11A South Dakota Statistical Collection 
1997-10The Desirability And Advisability Of Revising And Consolidating South Dakota's Statutes On Cooperatives 
1997-09Property Tax Exemptions For 501(C)(3)'S (Charitable & Benevolent Organizations) 
1997-08Budget Transfers 
1997-07The Consumer Price Index And The Implications Of Proposed Revisions To The Consumer Price Index 
1997-06Civil Penalties: Where Does The Money Go? 
1997-05Natural Resource-Related Special Purpose Districts In South Dakota 
1997-04The Wiring The Schools Program 
1997-03A Summary Of The Fiscal Year 1998 General Appropriations Act 
1997-02Digital Signatures 
1997-01National Rural Physician Recruitment And Retention 
1996-29Constitutional Foundation Of The Two-Thirds Vote Requirement 
1996-28Legislative Immunity 
1996-27Defining Medical Indigence: A Continuing Problem 
1996-26Update On Consolidations Of Personnel, Computer, Fleet, And Inspection Activities 
1996-25Reorganization Of The Department Of Transportation 
1996-24Analysis Of Nursing Home Reimbursement System And Construction Moratorium 
1996-23Federal Student Loan Program: The Relationship Between The State And South Dakota Loan Finance Corporation 
1996-22Gender-Based Price Discrimination: Does It Require A New Solution Or Enforcement Of An Old Law? 
1996-21Section Line Hunting: South Dakota Tradition, South Dakota Controversy 
1996-20Maintenance And Repair Programs For State Buildings 
1996-19Highway Revenue Changes--A Decade Later 
1996-18Medical Savings Accounts 
1996-17Rural Rehabilitation Fund 
1996-16A History Of The Decline Of The Number Of School Districts In South Dakota 
1996-15The Administrative Rules Promulgation Process: A Primer 
1996-14An Overview Of The 1996 Farm Bill 
1996-13The Evoluation Of The Insanity Defense: Juries Adrift In The Realms Of Psychiatry And Semantics 
1996-12South Dakota's Early Presidential Primary 
1996-11The Legislative Day: Time As A Parliamentary Concept 
1996-10Municipal Sales Tax: Implementation And Variances 
1996-09Minimum Driving Age 
1996-08Overview Of Social Services For The Elderly 
1996-07The Game, Fish And Parks Fund 
1996-06Medical Malpractice Damage Cap Ruled Unconstitutional 
1996-05Technology In The Classroom 
1996-04Amendment A: Proposed Change In The Investment Of The Permanent School Fund 
1996-03Constitutional Amendment B: Hjr 1003: Requiring A Two-Thirds Vote To Impose Or Increase Taxes 
1996-02Direct Primaries And The Democratization Of The Party Nominating Process 
1996-01Home Rule In South Dakota--An Update 
1995-39Property Tax Reduction Program 
1995-38Parental Responsibility For Juvenile Crime: Solution Or Failure? 
1995-37Prison Demographics: A Comparison Of North Dakota And South Dakota Prison Populations 
1995-36Majority-Minority Districts: Legislative Reapportionment After Miller V. Johnson 
1995-35Transaction Tax 
1995-34Workers' Compensation 24-Hour Coverage 
1995-33States Requiring Fiscal Notes For Adoption Of Administrative Rules 
1995-32Proposals To Require Mandatory Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients 
1995-31Continuing Appropriations 
1995-30Juvenile Detention 
1995-29South Dakota's Weed And Pest Control Program 
1995-28The State Aid To Education Formula Enacted By The 1995 Legislature 
1995-27Overview Of Billing By State Agencies 
1995-26Change In The Process Of Collecting Fuel Taxes 
1995-25Electronic Monitoring 
1995-24Comparison Of The Neighboring State Tax Systems 
1995-23Overview Of South Dakota's 1995 Health Care Legislation 
1995-22Term Limits And The Supreme Court: Fathoming The Minds Of The Founding Fathers 
1995-21Boot Camps: A New Approach To Juvenile Justice 
1995-20A Review Of Laws Affecting Combining Elected County Offices 
1995-19A History And Comparison Of Tobacco Taxes & Fees 
1995-18Private Shooting Preserves 
1995-17The Mission Of The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission 
1995-16An Analysis Of The Funding Of Domestic Abuse Shelters 
1995-15State Museums 
1995-14South Dakota's Commodity Checkoff Programs 
1995-13A Review Of The Higher Education Funding Formula 
1995-12Comparison Of Tourism Promotion Funding By All Fifty States 
1995-11State Radio Communications--Its Role In State Government And Anticipated Changes In Its Operation 
1995-10The Amendatory Veto: The Governor As Participant In The Legislative Process 
1995-09Special Motor Vehicle License Plates 
1995-08The Licensure Of Private Investigators 
1995-07Overview Of 1995 Child Welfare Legislation 
1995-06Repeal Of K-12 Education Mandates By The 1995 Legislature 
1995-05A Review Of State-Funded Grant Programs For Post-Secondary Students 
1995-04A Summary Of The General Appropriations Act 
1995-03Nursing Home & Alternative Services For Elderly Native Amercians 
1995-02Review Of Cost-Sharing Grants To Conservation Districts 
1995-01Emergency & Disaster Fund 
1994-42The Impact Of The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act On State-Tribal Relations: Issues For The Nineties 
1994-41Initiated Measure 1: An Initiated Measure To Reduce Property Taxes 
1994-40Amendment A--The Taxation Of School And Public Lands 
1994-39The Education Lawsuit: Bezdichek, Et Al. V. South Dakota 
1994-38Programs Funded With Highway Safety Funds 
1994-37John Morrell And Company Incentive Package 
1994-36Constitutional Amendment B: Voting Age 
1994-35Overview Of Juvenile Services In South Dakota 
1994-34Review Of The Usage Of State-Owned Aircraft 
1994-33A Cost Comparison Of Corrections Institutions In North Dakota And South Dakota 
1994-32A Summary Of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Provisions 
1994-31Constitutional Amendment D: Age Qualification Of Legislators 
1994-30Micro-Enterprise Loan Program 
1994-29Referred Law 2--Mandatory Use Of Safety Belts 
1994-28Constitutional Amendment E: Video Lottery Continuation 
1994-27Dedicated Revenues 
1994-26Special Sessions Of The South Dakota Legislature 
1994-25Amendment C--Proposed Change To The Investment Restrictions Of The Permanent School Fund 
1994-24Unclaimed And Abandoned Property 
1994-23Overview Of Articles 3 And 4 Of The Uniform Commercial Code 
1994-22Probate Revision In South Dakota 
1994-21Safety Belt Laws 
1994-20South Dakota Office Of Administrative Hearings 
1994-19Capital Construction Fund 
1994-18Overview Of Federal Medicaid Regulations 
1994-17Tax Exempt Property In South Dakota Under Article Xi, Section 6 
1994-16A Comparison Of Higher Education Fte Count With All Of State Government 
1994-15Centrally Assessed Property 
1994-14Restructuring Of The South Dakota National Guard 
1994-13State Veteran's Home And Hospital 
1994-12A Description Of The South Dakota Legislature's Appropriations Process 
1994-11An Overview Of The Bureau Of Information And Telecommunications 
1994-10W.H.H. Beadle And The South Dakota Common School Lands: An Historical Overview Of Amendment A 
1994-09State Tax Collection Agreements With Tribes 
1994-08Health Care Reform--1994 Session 
1994-071994 Workers' Compensation Legislation 
1994-06Geographic Information Systems And Global Positioning Systems In State Government 
1994-05Total Quality Management And Performance Budgeting 
1994-04Division Of Emergency Management 
1994-03Funding For Public Broadcasting 
1994-02Ethanol Policy In South Dakota 

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