Performance Management Reports

Welcome to the Performance Management Reports web page. Here you will find reports from state agencies that were compiled as part of the review process to provide the Legislature with a consistent system to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies and to provide additional government transparency and accountability to the Legislature. The performance management review process began in 2016 as part of the Legislative Planning Committee's work and was transferred to the Government Operations and Audit Committee in 2017.

SDCL Authority: 2-6-35, 2-6-36, 2-6-37, 2-6-38, and 2-6-39.

2019 Full Report2019 
Board of Regents2019 
Bureau of Finance and Management2019 
Bureau of Human Resources (fka Bureau of Personnel)2019 
Bureau of Information and Telecommunication2019 
Deparment of the Military2019 
Department of Agriculture2019 
Department of Corrections2019 
Department of Education2019 
Department of Environment and Natural Resources2019 
Department of Health2019 
Department of Human Services2019 
Department of Labor and Regulation2019 
Department of Public Safety2019 
Department of Revenue2019 
Department of Social Services2019 
Department of Tourism2019 
Department of Transportation2019 
Department of Tribal Relations2019 
Department of Veterans Affairs2019 
Game, Fish and Parks2019 
Governors Office of Economic Development2019 
2018 Full Report2018 
Board of Regents2018 
Bureau of Finance and Management2018 
Bureau of Human Resources (fka Bureau of Personnel)2018 
Bureau of Information and Telecommunication2018 
Deparment of the Military2018 
Department of Agriculture2018 
Department of Corrections2018 
Department of Education2018 
Department of Environment and Natural Resources2018 
Department of Health2018 
Department of Human Services2018 
Department of Labor and Regulation2018 
Department of Public Safety2018 
Department of Revenue2018 
Department of Social Services2018 
Department of Tourism2018 
Department of Transportation2018 
Department of Tribal Relations2018 
Department of Veterans Affairs2018 
Game, Fish and Parks2018 
Governors Office of Economic Development2018 
2017 Full Report2017 
Bureau of Human Resources (fka Bureau of Personnel)2017 
Bureau of Information and Telecommunication2017 
Department of Agriculture2017 
Department of Education2017 
Department of Environment and Natural Resources2017 
Department of Health2017 
Department of Human Services2017 
Department of Labor and Regulation2017 
Department of Revenue2017 
Department of Social Services2017 
Department of Tourism2017 
Department of Transportation2017 
Game, Fish and Parks2017 
Governors Office of Economic Development2017 
2016 Full Report2016 
**LPC Welcome Page - 20162016 
Department of Agriculture2016 
Department of Education2016 
Department of Environment and Natural Resources2016 
Department of Tourism2016 
Department of Transportation2016 
Game, Fish and Parks2016 
Game, Fish and Parks - Attach A2016 
Game, Fish and Parks - Attach B2016 
Game, Fish and Parks - Attach C2016 
Governors Office of Economic Development2016 
Postsecondary Education Update2016 
Public Health Update2016 
Workforce Development Update2016 

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