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12:68:01             Definitions.

12:68:02             Administration of the division.

12:68:03             Livestock diseases and parasites.

12:68:04             Tuberculosis control.

12:68:05             Brucellosis and contagious abortion.

12:68:06             Importation of animals.

12:68:07             Livestock auctions and stockyards.

12:68:07.01        Livestock dealers.

12:68:07.02        Livestock contracts, Repealed.

12:68:08             Swine dealers, Repealed.

12:68:09             Rendering establishments and pet food processing plants.

12:68:10             Swine identification, Transferred.

12:68:11             Approved pesticides, Repealed.

12:68:12             Exhibition of animals.

12:68:13             Pullorum typhoid control.

12:68:14             Meat inspection.

12:68:15             Meat establishments.

12:68:16             Importation of equine.

12:68:17             Pseudorabies control.

12:68:18             Nondomestic animal control.

12:68:19             Ram epididymitis control.

12:68:20             Inhumane treatment of animals.

12:68:21             Brucellosis control in goats.

12:68:22             Tuberculosis control in goats.

12:68:23             Tuberculosis control in cervidae.

12:68:24             Brucellosis control in cervidae.

12:68:25             Chronic wasting disease in cervidae.

12:68:26             Johne's disease control.

12:68:27             Trichomoniasis control.

12:68:28             Scrapie control.

12:68:29             Livestock identification.

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