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CHAPTER 12:68:13



12:68:13:01       Diseases within the scope of this chapter.

12:68:13:02       Requirements for hatching eggs and for poultry under five months old.

12:68:13:03       Young turkeys subject to pullorum typhoid requirements.

12:68:13:04       Requirements for poultry over five months old.

12:68:13:05       Testing for qualification of flocks.

12:68:13:06       Mandatory retesting conditions.

12:68:13:07       Procedures after reactors are found.

12:68:13:08       Check test to be performed in hatcheries -- Procedure when bacteria found.

12:68:13:09       Report of tests and retests to the board.

12:68:13:10       Requirements for importation of poultry or hatching eggs.

12:68:13:11       Importation of poultry infected or exposed to disease prohibited.

12:68:13:12       Entry of healthy poultry for slaughter allowed.

12:68:13:13       Permit required for importation of poultry or hatching eggs.

12:68:13:14       Certificates of veterinary inspection to accompany imported poultry -- Quarantine -- Slaughter on positive test.

12:68:13:15       Importation of turkey poults and other poultry -- Hatching eggs.

12:68:13:16       Inspection of hatcheries and dealers.

12:68:13:17       Identification of hatching eggs and baby poultry.

12:68:13:18       Hatchery and dealer record requirements.

12:68:13:19       Retention of records for inspection.

12:68:13:20       Requirements for dealing in poultry or hatching eggs.

12:68:13:21       Sanitation requirements for raising poultry.

12:68:13:22       Flock health requirements.

12:68:13:23       Minimum sanitation requirements for hatcheries.

12:68:13:24       Permit required to sell baby poultry or started  poultry.

12:68:13:25       Period of validity of permit.

12:68:13:26       Application for hatchery or dealer permit.

12:68:13:27       Certifying testing agents.

12:68:13:28       Qualifying flocks for the S.D. pullorum typhoid clean rating.

12:68:13:29       S.D. pullorum typhoid clean.

12:68:13:30       S.D. pullorum typhoid certification by rapid whole blood test.

12:68:13:31       Multiplier breeding flocks certified as S.D. pullorum typhoid clean by origin and sampling.

12:68:13:32       Multiplier breeding flock certified as S.D. pullorum typhoid clean by origin.

12:68:13:33       Primary breeding flock certified as S.D. pullorum typhoid clean by sampling.

12:68:13:34       Poultry to be identified -- Materials approved.

12:68:13:35       Drugs that mask salmonella test reaction banned.

12:68:13:36       Cost of testing for pullorum typhoid.

12:68:13:37       Official blood tests for pullorum typhoid.

12:68:13:38       Reports required of pullorum typhoid diagnosis.

12:68:13:39       Testing of exhibition fowl.

12:68:13:40       Reporting breeding flocks to board.

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