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CHAPTER 20:04:17



20:04:17:01        Applicability.

20:04:17:02        Rules apply only in the state of South Dakota.

20:04:17:03        Awareness of amendments to rules.

20:04:17:04        Supremacy of South Dakota laws.

20:04:17:05        Participants' and patrons' duty to abide by rules.

20:04:17:06        Violators subject to ejection, fines.

20:04:17:07        Profane language forbidden.

20:04:17:08        Disturbing the peace forbidden.

20:04:17:09        Repealed.

20:04:17:10        Gambling devices prohibited.

20:04:17:11        Transferred.

20:04:17:12        Bookmaking and betting prohibited.

20:04:17:13        Making a handbook or foreign book prohibited.

20:04:17:14        Solicitation of bets with a handbook or a foreign book prohibited.

20:04:17:15        Penalty for illegal betting.

20:04:17:16        Harness races subject to trotting association rules.

20:04:17:17        Repealed.

20:04:17:18        Penalty for corrupt practices.

20:04:17:19        Offer of bribes prohibited.

20:04:17:20        Acceptance of bribes prohibited.

20:04:17:21        Conspiring to commit corrupt practices prohibited.

20:04:17:22        Repealed.

20:04:17:23        Obtaining food, shelter, and drugs without pay prohibited.

20:04:17:24        Penalty for participating in an unauthorized race.

20:04:17:25        Maidens.

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