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CHAPTER 20:04:19



20:04:19:01                                Condition of licenses -- Duties of licensees.

20:04:19:02                                Offices in each association for commission.

20:04:19:02.01                           Association office.

20:04:19:02.02                           Provision of bulletin board.

20:04:19:03                                Repealed.

20:04:19:04                                Stands for judges, timers, and stewards.

20:04:19:05                                Vending of glass containers prohibited.

20:04:19:06                                Sanitation facilities for horses.

20:04:19:07                                Sanitation facilities for patrons.

20:04:19:08                                Sanitation facilities for jockeys.

20:04:19:09                                Track kitchen.

20:04:19:10                                Duty of associations to maintain racetracks.

20:04:19:11                                Duty of associations to provide equipment necessary for maintenance.

20:04:19:12                                Flood lights.

20:04:19:13 and 20:04:19:14     Repealed.

20:04:19:15                                Barn stall numbering.

20:04:19:16                                Repealed.

20:04:19:17                                Colors of distance markers.

20:04:19:18                                Duty of associations to provide first aid facility or ambulance.

20:04:19:19                                Ambulances.

20:04:19:20 thru 20:04:19:24    Repealed.

20:04:19:25                                Association to provide communication system between starter and stewards.

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