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CHAPTER 20:04:21



20:04:21:01                                Owners and trainers subject to rules.

20:04:21:01.01                           Ownership.

20:04:21:02                                Repealed.

20:04:21:03                                Owners and trainers responsible for visitors.

20:04:21:04                                Repealed.

20:04:21:05                                Owner's, trainer's, or licensee's penalty for soliciting bets.

20:04:21:06                                Trainer or jockey working without a license -- Emergencies -- Suspensions.

20:04:21:07                                Purse money to be paid to registered owners.

20:04:21:08                                Deductions from winnings prohibited -- Exception.

20:04:21:09                                Cleaning the stalls.

20:04:21:10                                Repealed.

20:04:21:11                                Transferred.

20:04:21:12                                Repealed.

20:04:21:13                                Registration of colors.

20:04:21:14                                Trainer responsible for condition of horse.

20:04:21:15                                Duty of owner, trainer, and groom to protect horse.

20:04:21:16                                Information to be furnished by corporations.

20:04:21:17                                Liabilities of persons listed in the corporation.

20:04:21:18                                Effect of the suspension of a person listed in the corporation.

20:04:21:19                                Persons holding beneficial interest.

20:04:21:20                                Licensing requirements for corporations.

20:04:21:21                                Filing requirements -- Penalties for failure to file.

20:04:21:22                                Licensing requirement for partnerships.

20:04:21:23                                Partnership to have authorized agent.

20:04:21:24                                Information required in partnership papers.

20:04:21:25                                Signing of partnership papers.

20:04:21:26                                Emergency authority to sign.

20:04:21:27                                Assignment of a part owner's share.

20:04:21:28                                Alteration of a recorded partnership.

20:04:21:29                                Liability of a partnership.

20:04:21:30                                Repealed.

20:04:21:31                                Application for license.

20:04:21:32                                Power of attorney filed with application.

20:04:21:33                                Filing requirement for changes.

20:04:21:34                                Expiration of license.

20:04:21:35                                Owner's revocation.

20:04:21:36                                License requirement -- Content.

20:04:21:37                                Owners and trainers prohibited from employing jockeys to prevent their riding.

20:04:21:38                                Acceptance of bribes by owners and trainers prohibited.

20:04:21:39                                Permission required to move a horse.

20:04:21:40                                Permission required to change a trainer.

20:04:21:41                                Report of sickness.

20:04:21:42                                Penalty for owner's failure to pay jockey fee.

20:04:21:43                                Licensing requirement for stable personnel.

20:04:21:44                                Repealed.

20:04:21:45                                Limit on number of lessees of an owner.

20:04:21:46                                Lessee licensed as owner not considered an owner.

20:04:21:47                                License requirement for trainers.

20:04:21:48                                Repealed.

20:04:21:49                                Powers of a trainer pending action on a license.

20:04:21:50                                Substitute trainer required.

20:04:21:51                                Extent of a trainer's power to represent an owner.

20:04:21:52                                Repealed.

20:04:21:53                                Authority implied if trainer absent.

20:04:21:54                                Trainer to attend and supervise his horse.

20:04:21:55                                Registration requirement for a trainer's charges.

20:04:21:56 and 20:04:21:57  Repealed.

20:04:21:58                                Supervision of horse owned by disqualified person prohibited.

20:04:21:59                                Repealed.

20:04:21:60 to 20:04:21:62         Transferred.

20:04:21:63                                Filing requirement of all ownerships in a horse.

20:04:21:64                                Repealed.

20:04:21:65                                Owner to register South Dakota-bred horse.

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