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CHAPTER 20:04:22



20:04:22:01       Limit of the overweight.

20:04:22:02       Overweight maximum.

20:04:22:03       Being part owner or trainer of a horse in which a jockey has an interest prohibited.

20:04:22:04       Repealed.

20:04:22:05       Giving a jockey a benefit for a race prohibited -- Exception.

20:04:22:06       Betting by jockey's attendant prohibited.

20:04:22:07       License requirement of a jockey.

20:04:22:08       Age requirement of a jockey.

20:04:22:09       Temporary license of a jockey.

20:04:22:10       Jockey not to ride in race in which a horse is running in which he has financial interest.

20:04:22:11       Consent of jockey's owner or trainer required.

20:04:22:12       Duty of jockey to fulfill engagements -- Penalty for failure to fulfill engagement.

20:04:22:13       Restrictions on jockey riding against a starter of his employer.

20:04:22:14       Jockey's racing appearance.

20:04:22:15       Repealed.

20:04:22:16       Jockeys to report before races.

20:04:22:17       Physical examination of jockeys required.

20:04:22:18       Betting by jockeys prohibited.

20:04:22:19       Jockeys' riding fees.

20:04:22:20       When the fee is earned.

20:04:22:21       Fees in an engagement conflict.

20:04:22:22       Repealed.

20:04:22:23       Fees in a dead heat.

20:04:22:24       When suspension of a jockey takes effect.

20:04:22:25       Effect of a suspension.

20:04:22:26       Limit on number of jockey agents.

20:04:22:27       Allowable actions of a suspended jockey.

20:04:22:28       Payment of a jockey's fine.

20:04:22:29       Jockey attendants.

20:04:22:30       Restriction on jockeys in racing colors.

20:04:22:31       License requirement for jockey apprentices.

20:04:22:32       Form for apprentice contracts.

20:04:22:33       Force and effect of original jockey apprentice contract.

20:04:22:34       Registration of transfer of apprentice contract.

20:04:22:35       Prerequisite for hiring an apprentice.

20:04:22:36       Transferred.

20:04:22:37       Information required for an apprentice license.

20:04:22:38       Engagements of an apprentice.

20:04:22:39       Definition of apprentice - Apprentice weight allowances.

20:04:22:40       Publication requirement for races used in determining the apprentice allowance.

20:04:22:41       No allowance for quarter horse races.

20:04:22:42       Effect of losing an apprentice allowance.

20:04:22:43       Jockey to ride to win.

20:04:22:44       License requirement for jockey agents.

20:04:22:45       Agent may act pending license application decision.

20:04:22:46       Limit on the number of an agent's jockeys, apprentices, journeymen.

20:04:22:47       Permission required for a jockey agent to exceed his license.

20:04:22:48       Notice required for a jockey agent to give up making engagements.

20:04:22:49       Restriction on communications by jockeys.

20:04:22:50       Approved engagement books required.

20:04:22:51       Ticket from jockey agent required.

20:04:22:52       Persons eligible to make engagements for a jockey or apprentice.

20:04:22:53       Jockey agents to file calls.

20:04:22:54       Stewards to decide conflicting claims for jockey services.

20:04:22:55       Giving information by a jockey agent prohibited.

20:04:22:56       Penalty for falsifying records.

20:04:22:57       Burden on jockey agent to explain rival claims.

20:04:22:58       Jockey agents excluded from the paddock.

20:04:22:59       Penalty for exceeding jockey agent license.

20:04:22:60       Time for weighing out -- Substitutes.

20:04:22:61       Exclusions from jockey's weight.

20:04:22:62       Deposit of the jockey fee required.

20:04:22:63       Weighing in of jockeys after race.

20:04:22:64       Excuse from weighing in.

20:04:22:65       Repealed.

20:04:22:66       Repealed.

20:04:22:67       Covering a horse before equipment removed forbidden.

20:04:22:68       Repealed.

20:04:22:69       License for jockey attendants required.

20:04:22:70       Weighing in with all equipment required.

20:04:22:71       Maximum weight shortage allowed.

20:04:22:72       Transferred.

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