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CHAPTER 20:04:28



20:04:28:01       Modification of penalties or decisions.

20:04:28:01.01  Composition of board of stewards.

20:04:28:02       Stewards may interpret rules and decide questions.

20:04:28:03       Supremacy of orders of stewards.

20:04:28:04       Stewards to regulate conduct of all racing officials and others.

20:04:28:05       Stewards to control all places used for racing.

20:04:28:06       Stewards to supervise entries and declarations.

20:04:28:07       Questions to be decided by a majority of stewards.

20:04:28:08       Stewards may declare corrupt practices and impose punishment.

20:04:28:09       Repealed.

20:04:28:10       Stewards to eject disqualified persons.

20:04:28:11       Stewards may postpone races.

20:04:28:12       Stewards may examine any horse.

20:04:28:13       Stewards to take notice of questionable conduct.

20:04:28:14       Stewards may substitute a jockey.

20:04:28:15       Stewards may place horse in temporary charge of trainer.

20:04:28:16       Stewards to get horses to starting post on time.

20:04:28:17       Stewards may excuse horse.

20:04:28:18       Stewards to investigate protests.

20:04:28:19       Stewards to report protests and decisions.

20:04:28:20       Presiding state steward's duties.

20:04:28:21       Stewards to require an attendant's badge to be taken up.

20:04:28:22       Stewards to determine extent of disqualification.

20:04:28:23       Stewards may demand proof that a horse is not disqualified.

20:04:28:24       Time required for three stewards to be on duty.

20:04:28:25       Time required for state steward to be on duty.

20:04:28:26       Presiding state steward may appoint deputy.

20:04:28:27       Appointment of stewards pro-tem.

20:04:28:28       Reports of appointments of replacement stewards required.

20:04:28:29       Stewards to fill vacancies among racing officials.

20:04:28:30       Reports of appointments of officials required.

20:04:28:31       Stewards to bar unfit horses.

20:04:28:32       Stewards to file reports of rules infractions.

20:04:28:33       Paying another's fine prohibited.

20:04:28:34       Horse under care of suspended person ineligible for races -- Reinstatement.

20:04:28:35       Suspended person ineligible to subscribe any horse.

20:04:28:36       Stewards may hire veterinarians in case of illness.

20:04:28:37       Cost of isolation borne by owner.

20:04:28:38       Isolation of a contagious horse.

20:04:28:39       Removal of isolated horse.

20:04:28:40       Penalty for refusing to testify.

20:04:28:41       Who may impose penalties.

20:04:28:42       Rescinding unpaid fines.

20:04:28:43       Repealed.

20:04:28:44       Deadline for paying fines.

20:04:28:45       Stewards may require examination to determine ability of person to perform duties.

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